As a business owner, you are required to understand the law in regards to employers’ and employees’ rights. Knowing the law is crucial when you need to handle a workers’ comp case that takes weeks or months to complete. Learn about 5 steps required to handle a claim procedure for your injured employees.

Workers' Comp Cases: 5 Things Business Owners Are Required To Do For Their Injured Employees

1. Offer a Claim Report

The business owner is the first person in charge of preventing workplace accidents. You must take the first initiative by offering a claim report to the injured employee. The deadline could be 24 hours upon hearing about the injury, and you have to document that you offered the report.

2. Fill Out a Supervisor’s Report

When the injured employees tell their side of the story, the supervisors must tell their side, as well. Have the supervisor fill out a report that gives a complete picture of the incident. Filling out claim forms immediately after the accident is required and highly recommended.

3. Offer Medical Treatment

Offer the injured employee a list of doctors and providers that help with medical injuries. Then, offer a doctor’s authorization form to fill out at the doctor’s office. As part of the workers’ comp agreement, your employee may be required to visit a previously confirmed doctor instead of his or her own doctor. Contact a workers’ comp representative to learn about alternative options.

4. Outline the Legal Options

You are obligated to outline the legal options that your employees have. During the filing of a claim, be prepared to answer questions about filling out paperwork, meeting deadlines, making appeals and more. After the claim is filed, answer questions about workers’ comp payments and early return to work programs.

Many times, employees do not know all of their benefits until it’s too late. It’s your responsibility to suggest that they find workers’ compensation attorneys and learn the basics of the law.

5. Follow Up on the Case

After the injured employee has received medical attention and submitted the claim form, make arrangements to follow up on the progress. You could still deal with a claim years after it was filed. You are responsible for overseeing your employees and helping them return to work safely.

Having workers’ compensation insurance is part of building trust with employees and maintaining a good business. Handling a workers’ comp case is part of your work as a business leader. Know what is expected of you during a claims process and what you are required to do by law.