medical office two way radios

When people have to go to the doctor, the very last thing they want to see is a panicked, frantic and stressed staff. Whether equipment failure, a staff shortage or a medical emergency is the cause, patients become fearful when their medical personnel do not appear calm, cool and collected. Professional demeanor and calm, collected environments are often aided by use of medical office two way radios.

Whether the physician’s office is a one-doctor facility or a conglomeration of many doctors, misunderstandings on room usage, equipment status and general orderliness can occur. Using two-way radios in a medical office is an excellent method for staff, doctors and supervisors to stay current, informed and professional. While there may be exceptions, most dental and medical offices that use two-way radios opt for models in the light-duty business class of hand-held machines.

One of the important factors in determining which two-way radio you’ll use in your medical office is frequency shielding. Sometimes, radio transmissions can interfere with proper operation of sensitive medical equipment, which is why mobile phones are often prohibited in some hospital areas. For those offices that use them, the radios should be made specifically for this environment to minimize or eliminate the chance of unintentional interference.

Frequency protection can also include to transmission scrambling to ensure confidentiality of medical information or patient information is safeguarded from eavesdroppers over the airways. Protect your patients’ health and information while you preserve the professional reputation of your practice and your staff: Use medical office two-way radios to your benefit.