Hospital is a place where patients come to get relief and improve life quality. In relaxing and treating patients hospital environment and colors in hospitals are as important as medication. We décor our homes to get relaxed and office designing need to consider the perfect work environment, A hospital is mixture of these two as we need to use designs and colors which are best to relax the patient and provide work environment to staff. It is studied by psychologists that good hospital environment cast a positive effect on patient’s health. Patient feels much better in colorful and healthy environment while colorless and bore environment decreases his recovery rate.

It is proved and accepted that hospital’s physical environment casts a great effect on patient’s improvement and recovery rate. Patient’s satisfaction is the prime superiority of a hospital, this satisfaction can be brought about by no doubt good medication but we cannot neglect other factors.

Here I list some factors which can be considered as they influence patient’s health during hospitalization.

Sound: Remember hospital must have good sound system, acoustic must be adorable. Before renovating the patient’s rooms make sure they must not catch the noise of environment. Noise will hinder the patient’s sleep. It is difficult to handle for nurses and also not good for patient’s health. A good and uninterrupted sleep can prove to the key of health for a patient. It will be relaxing for staff too.


Pictures: Pictures in hospitals must be motivated and advising. Patient lying on his bed watch the surrounding pictures which motivate him towards life.

Laundry: Laundry includes bed sheets, staff dress, lab coats, towels, patient gown  and scrub wear. The colors and texture of laundry cause a great effect on patient’s psychology. A good range of this with nice texture and comfortable visual effects are magical factors as studied by specialists.  Colorless and bore laundry for patients nurses and doctors directly affect the patient’ mind. He feels bore in a hospital with bad textured and dull laundry. Patient comes in hospital to feel relaxed, bad quality laundry will cause adverse effect and he feels depressed.

Air quality: Clean air is needed by all of us and patient needs it more than healthy one. Air quality must be managed and ventilation must be considered. Air quality and ventilation together will determine the freshness of hospital’s surrounding. A patient must be comfortable so he can fight against disease with relax mind and soul.

Aroma: medicines have their unique smell which is not welcomed by many patients. In a hospital full of medicine smell patient feels restless.  To keep the environment fresh and healthy give off good aroma by using air fresheners, continuous supply of nice and fragrant will make the patient feel good.

Patient is experiencing most critical time of his life in hospitals, staff’s behavior and environment can lead him towards life or vice versa. Staff politeness is needed by patient to get less stressed and good environment is needed to affect his nerves.

Anny is freelance writer for Image FIRST specializing in hospital environment management and believes that colors an fineness of material can cause positive effect on patient’s health