Summer is on its way, and this year you will not want to sweat it out with fans in the window like last year. The heat got intolerable, and your entire family was miserable from the experience. This year, you can plan ahead to avoid the scorching heat and humidity. Here are some tips to help you make your home cool for the summer.

Comfort by Design: How To Keep Your House Cool Over The Summer Months

Work with a Trusted AC Service

It is that time of year again to have your AC checked out and serviced. When it comes to making sure your AC is working reliably through the summer months, you will want to partner with a trusted AC service. Not only can the AC technicians tell you everything about ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, but they can make your old AC operate at peak performance for optimal temperature control of your home.

Keep It Dark

According to, a lot of internal heat that accumulates inside a home is due to sunlight that enters through an uncovered window. By using shades and blinds to darken out the flow of sunlight into the house, you can considerably improve the internal temperature of your home. In addition, cutting down the heat load in this fashion will also keep your AC from working too hard to keep the house cool.

Deal with Air Leaks

When air leaks under doors and through the edges of windows, you are allowing cold air to escape your home and hot air to enter. By sealing window leaks and using draft snakes at the base of doors, you will prevent air flow from being exchanged indoors and outdoors. This will reduce the work your AC has to do to keep your home cool. That can translate to a huge savings of money.

Install an Attic Fan

You may not want to have to run your AC all the time to keep your electric bill within budget. By installing an attic fan, you can easily suck hot air out of your home and keep cool despite the temperature rising outside. Additionally, an attic fan is perfect for those days when it is not quite hot enough for AC at the beginning and ending of the summer months.

It is gearing up to be another hot summer. This time, you and your family will be prepared to weather the heat the right way. While the sun beats down outside your home, your residence will remain cool, not turn into an overly humid sweat box. This year it is going to be a comfortable summer at your place for sure.