Kids often do not enjoy waking up early morning and going to the school. But once they’re there, nothing can beat the fun and excitement they get during school hours. For some students school days are more exciting and entertaining, than weekends and holidays. But you can always try doing school fun activities at home itself to keep your kid active and entertained, eve during vacations and holidays. Here are some fun and thrilling things to do with your kids at home.

Go For a Show – Kids love to go for outings that are dedicated to their interest. Rather than taking them out to typical places like zoo, movies and gaming, consider going for comedy shows, circus, band concerts and other events that entertain them.

Take a Hike – If the weather is pleasant, plan a hiking trip with your kid. Make a list of things your kid would require on the hike to enhance his experience. In order to make it interesting, you can organize a small content or competition like finding a set of three letters that make a word, “DOG”. Play with your creative mind and find out practical and fun ideas to keep your kid engaged throughout the time.


Organize Competitions – Invite all the children in your neighborhood and organize competitions on the basis of their particular interests. You can divide the group into various categories on the basis of their interests and resources. For instance: organize a competition among boys and girls who own Tmart mini RC cars. Ask them to compete with each other’s cars to win the competition. Kids enjoy taking part in such activities, knowing that they are the master of what they’re doing.

 electronic play

Let Them Play Music – If your kid is inclined to learn music or musical instruments, give it a serious attention and organize special learning classes for them. Even if you don’t share similar interest, as a parent you must encourage your child’s interest and help him/her pursue it. For instance: if your child is interested in playing electric violin, get him a set of instructional CD’s or guide. Sit with him and help him understand the basic keys, before he actually starts to play the actual notes. This will help him to operate easily.

Paint Together – Kids often find this activity fun and entertaining for their brains. Participating in painting activity with your kid will help him or her express his skills more explicitly. Give them a topic or subject of your choice and ask them to paint it on the canvas. Indulge yourself in the same activity to maintain the zeal and enthusiasm till the end.

Apart from these, there are many other activities that you may consider such as visiting historical places, book swap event, sports and so on. It is important to understand the needs and requirements of your kid and prepare fun plans accordingly. You must be aware of their interests, before planning or organizing any activity. If your kid is on a vacation, these activities will keep him active and energized throughout the time.