Jan Schuette is a German film screenwriter and an international director born on 26th June 1957. He started his career in 1982. He is a renowned director and has directed twelve films since 1982. Jan Schuette is the well-known director of the movies Fat world (1998), comes lately (2007) and Drachenfutter (1987). In 2014 director-producer and academic Jan Schuette has been offered the new dean position of the AFI Conservatory. Previously Schuette completed his tenure with the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin.

Jan Schuette studied Literature, Philosophy and Art History in Hamburg, Tübingen, and Zürich. Jan Schuette is a member of the Akademie der Künste Berlin Brandenburg and of the European Film Academy. Schuette has served on prestigious festival juries, including the Cinéfondation Jury at the Cannes Film Festival and the International Drama Jury at the Sundance Film Festival.


Jan Schütte has worked with Harvard University and Dartmouth College and Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg. He had done many good films and his movies also premiered in Venice, Locarno, San Sebastian, Cannas, and Toronto. He had works thrice with the Garman dramatist and screenwriter Thomas Strittmatter. Thomas Strittmatter also wrote the screenplays for his first three movies which are Drachenfutter (1987), Auf Wiedersehen Amerika (1994) and Winckelmanns Reisen (1990). Thomas and Jan want to continue their work together but suddenly Strittmatter died unexpectedly after suffering from the heart failure. The films they have created together are known as the best films of his work.

Life as dean of the AFI Conservatory

When Jan Schütte appointed as the dean of AFI conservatory, AFI president, and CEO Bob Gazzale stated: “Jan’s devotion to the high standards of AFI will ensure the Conservatory remains a foremost training ground for the artists of tomorrow”. After joining as dean of the AFI conservatory Jan Schuette initially focused on program and for the first year of student, he has offered the program which was based on the listening and learns approach. At the end of the first year concluding interviews of graduating student was taken to check the school operation and get the feedback for the improvements.

He changed the institution and decided to focus on the major six disciplines which were directing, editing, cinematography, screenwriting, production design and producing. Most of the attendants appreciated the decision of updating the program structure.  Jan Schuette is an academic leader who had even made movies and also got admiration around the world.