Travel safety is related to many factors and we need to implement them properly. Many people choose personal or rental cars to reach tourist destinations. Cars are more flexible than public transportation, allowing people to choose how to travel to different places. There are many safety items that we should use. As an example, glass breakage tool is useful to allow occupants to escape water submersion or fire. Automobile accidents could bent the doors, making it harder or impossible to open them. A knife mayneed to be placed under the seat t allow us to cut the seat-belt during emergency. A couple cans of pressured air may be needed to inflate flat tire. We also need first aid kit, fire extinguisher, granola bars, blanket, nap alarm, extra batteries and flashlight. During an emergency, we should leave any personal effect, no matter how expensive it is. During an accident, our cars may fall into a river or lake. When it happens, the external water pressure will prevent us from opening the door. In this case, we should open the window quickly, before the power window mechanism is disabled by water. Make sure that we won’t be knocked against the dashboard due to the rushing water.

After an accident, fire could be ignited due to the leaking fuel. Fire could spread quickly if the leak is bigger. We should know that fire gets bigger if we add more oxygen to the mix. When we open the door or window, fire in the interior could become suddenly bigger, so it is essential to get out quickly. In this case, we may also intensify the fire if we pop the hood open, even if we intend to extinguish the fire. When traveling to remote areas, smartphone reception can be non-existent; so it is important to inform people where we are going. So, if our car breaks down and we are late, people could start to search us along the likely routes to a destination area. CB radio has greater coverage, but unfortunately, it is already quite rare that people are still using CB radio. Nap alarm is also a useful tool when we travel a great distance. It is placed on our ear and when our head tilts as we doze off, a very loud alarm will go off. If we are traveling in a place with uncertain safety level, it is a good idea to roll up the windows and lock the door all the time. Crime could happen in traffic light, if we don’t lock the door and roll down the windows.

When driving long distance, we should make sure that we use common sense. If the velocity of our car is near the maximum allowable speed, we should make sure that the car behind us maintain a safe distance. If the car seems to close, it is a good idea to reduce our speed, so the other driver is able to react, when we decelerate the car suddenly.