The winter is coming! But with the same speed like the Game of Thrones. That is why be a wise person and start preparing for it instead of waiting to see the things turning into white. Due to the global warming, we are having the temperature at extremes. Either it is the winter or the summer, the temperature meter is bending to the last. That is why it is important to know more about the measures you can take to save yourself from the weather atrocities. You have to learn about the common things to do in the extreme weathers, and one of the common things that everyone does is driving. That is why it is important to know how you can drive safely in the snow falling season.

In the snow falling season when everything gets freeze, it is important to know how you can keep your life moving. The accident rate increase with every winter and the reason are the thin layer of ice on the road which is not visible to eyes but cost real damages. To protect yourself from this, these are some tips for driving in the snow falling season.

Concentrate more on the wheel:

Most of the time, we drive subconsciously because frequent drivers get so much used to of driving that they don’t even need to focus on it. But when the surroundings are uncertain, you have to concentrate on the driving. It isn’t as hard as normally people think and do not allow the driving learners to drive in the snow falling season. Just think like you are walking on the thin ice, and you have to be like tiptoeing and walking slowly. The more patience and caution you will show the better you be able to drive.

The Battery:

What can make you drive fast in the snow? If you are getting late for somewhere. And what can make you late? The more précised answer in the perspective of the topic of this article is the battery. Our cars often failed to start like usual in the winter, and the reason of this is the battery which doesn’t perform as it should be. After consulting many auto mechanics, they all said the same thing. A failing or weak battery cannot start your car in the snowy season because of many technical issues like carbon, battery liquid, liquid etc.

Get some heat first:

Don’t forget; you have many kinds of liquid in your car like petrol and brake/engine oil. Usually, in the freezing temperature, these liquids also get frozen which is why it is important to bring it back in their initial stage. This is not more related to driving in the snowy weather because it would not affect your driving but it is important to know for the maintenance of your car. However, you can have some issues with the brakes of your car in such weather.

Winter Tires:

I am not referring to those winter tires which are big knobby lugged “mud and snow” tires which are as hard to find as to complete your nursing assignment writing without taking any help. Many companies manufacture special tires only for the snowy season. However, these tires are expensive and not easy to buy for a person who is still driving the car from the 90s. For such people, there is another way too which requires special skill set, but once you get it, it works even better than the snow tires. Wind the steel chain on the tires of your car. Wind it on the brake tires so it can make a grip. This is what the off-road drivers do on the mountains in the winter that is why they make the best grip in even such extreme conditions.

Windshield Wipers:

Just like the car batteries, the windshield wipers will not also work in snow if you do not improve or change them. Casual windshield wipers are made to remove only water from your windshield. That is why it is important to get premium, heavy duty snow and ice wipers. These wipers have a special type of fabric or rubber boot which helps them to remove the moisture from getting froze on the windshield which can make your view blurry. Make sure that when you wash your windshield and other glasses of your car, your washer fluid is filled with a good winter solution. However, do not add salt to it or else you may find no windshield and some other things of your car too.

Gas Tank:

The best way to get more friction from the ground is to increase the weight of your car. Now do not put the sand bags in the car. Keeping your gas tank full can help you in getting the better friction on the road which ultimately helps you in controlling your car even on the thin layer of ice which usually covers the road in winter.

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