Trimming a tree is often confused with pruning, but both are worlds apart. Trimming trees refers to the removal of overgrown branches to improve the tree’s appearance and ensure it of sufficient light and moisture by removing overgrowth.On the other hand, pruning is done for aesthetic purposes, for the safety of other people, to remove infected or diseased branches, and to give a particular shape to the tree.

If you’re going with tree trimming, you need to know of a few things. Now you can save yourself the hassle, effort and repair costs by hiring a trimming service provider. However, if you’re willing to handle things on your own, read on.

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The Best Time to Trim a Tree

The most suitable time for tree trimming depends on the weather conditions. If you live in a hotter part of the country, it would be best to trim it during summer. On the other hand if you live in a cold part of the country, the ideal time to trim your tree would be in late winter. There is a simple rule to this: if you are trimming living wood, it should be done when it is dormant or not flowering or blooming. When a tree is seeding and growing and it is trimmed, there is a high risk of the tree catching a disease.

The Right Set of Tools

Like any other job, trimming a tree requires special tools that are properly sharpened to avoid sloppy cuts.There are a few kinds of trimmers you can use. For smaller branches that are closer to the ground, you can use a hand pruner. As for branches that are a little higher up, a looping shear is perfect.

On the other hand, if you are trimming a large branch, use a chainsaw. You may use a ladder when trimming branches that are higher up, but there is always a risk involved when you combine a ladder with a chainsaw. So, you might as well go for a pole saw instead. In case you don’t know, a pole saw is for cutting higher branches while standing on the ground.

How to Start Trimming

You will find two kinds of unions on a tree: a V-Shaped union and a U-Shaped one. It is best to cut on the U-Shaped union as it is easier to work with and also allows the wound on the tree to heal quickly. Also, remember to remove all dead branches from the tree once you are done trimming to avoid putting stress on live branches.

Once you are done with trimming the tree, remember to apply a non-asphalt based pruning sealer on the large cuts. This will prevent the tree wound from being damaged by insects. You can use a paint roller on an extension pole to apply this mixture on branches that are high up.

Tree trimming is an important part of home maintenance, so you need to do it the right way or the tree may attract a disease and die. This is why you should entrust this task to the professionals rather than venturing with it on your own. So, call the best of the best rather than wasting your time and efforts on something you have little or no knowledge on.