InMotion website hosting has become one of the premium services around, providing webmasters with the means to get their sites seen by many people. This InMotion hosting overview will discover some of the main elements that are offered by the company which are important when opening your own Greensboro virtual office to commence business operations.  From there, you can decide whether your business will benefit from using this service, or if you’ll host your VO on-site.

Since their inception in 2001, they have offered a variety of Windows and Linux based hosting packages, with their systems being monitored by trained staff every hour of the day and night to spot anything out of the ordinary. This level of attention allows InMotion to offer its 99.9% service uptime guarantee; such is the confidence about the technology that their platforms sit on.

They have a range of shared, dedicated and virtual private server (VPS) hosting packages which will enable the consumer to choose the one that fits their budget and requirements.


The shared hosting packages provide unlimited disk and transfer space; these plans are as follows:

  • Launch – Suitable for the smaller business
  • Power – Many additional features to that of the Launch package
  • Pro – Pretty much everything that anyone could be looking for in a web hosting package

Price Value

Their business class web hosting epitomizes the value for the money that their services provide; packages start at a mere $5.95 per month (includes $1 saving for new customers). Customers  who spend just $2 extra per month, will more than double the resources that become available to them.


This is the part of the hosting review we decided was vital for those considering opening their first Greensboro virtual office environment since it focuses on the technology and reliability of the servers, important for those hosting their own office space.

The good news is that InMotion take this element very seriously as they have installed some of the latest and most reliable technology in there data centers; moreover, they monitor them every hour of the day to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. The use of multiple data centers means that in the event of issues arising with one of them, customers do not notice problems with the hosting of their sites.

Control Panel

One of the most import aspects of hosting many webmasters seek is how they can access the back end data on their sites; this InMotion web hosting assessment can confirm that these tasks are managed by the proven cPanel control panel.

The inclusion of cPanel makes it very easy for users to install scripts such as WordPress, plus check data relating to their bandwidth or email usage. This is perhaps why cPanel has quickly become the control panel of choice for the vast majority of web hosting services.

Customer Support

The final section of this InMotion hosting review will focus on what happens when something goes wrong; in other words, customer support.

InMotion has recognized that customer support is a serious area which is why they provide the following options to all customers:

  • 24/7 Toll free telephone support
  • Live chat
  • Email support

In addition to the above, InMotion also provides one of the most extensive knowledge bases with a large amount of issues being able to be resolved this way prior to having to engage the support of their agents, another reason why your Greensboro virtual office would be in great hands using InMotion.