The world has changed tremendously in just the past twenty to thirty years and with everything changing, for the good or the bad, even schools have seen a major transition in terms of a plethora of things- infrastructure, approaches, routines and pedagogy. Two different generations have had vastly different experiences with schooling as they will recall and today’s Gen-Z seems to be having a different lifestyle altogether. Some things that have changed over time that we seemingly take for granted:    

  • Architecture

The best schools in Gurgaon, Delhi and places like Shimla, Ooty and several others have evolved to accommodate state-of-the-art facilities, whether it be swimming pools or horse-riding fields. Such an emphasis on sports and extra curriculars came slowly after Western education seeped in and private schools push to equal the best schools that produce all-rounders.

  • Infrastructure

The digitalisation of the world has inevitably struck schools as well. Teaching through interactive videos and smart boards would have been unimaginable in the 90s but is not at all uncommon today. Teachers have the entire world on a platter to teach innovatively and make every student pay attention. Libraries are better equipped and there is no dearth of resources for curious minds.

  • Outside the classroom learning

Schools today no longer restrict themselves to classes as they encourage teaching through experience, through methods such as field trips and more practical learning that extends beyond basic curriculum.

  • Health facilities

Whether it be yearly weight and health check-ups or addressing mental health by employing counsellors, schools today make sure that no student faces any major problems in terms of health.

  • Remedial education

Emphasis is being laid on providing assistance to students who require it by determining their individual grasping abilities and reaching out with specific guidance and help so that no student is left behind.

  • Scoring trends

Whether it be the CBSE schools, or ICSE schools in Gurgaon and Delhi, we see students scoring up to 90-99 percent which was unheard of in the last century where even 70 percent was considered a first-class distinction. Perhaps evaluation has changed, perhaps it has been made possible through the intensive coaching and tutoring students are put through. Nevertheless, it is increasing competition and making admission to colleges later on more difficult.

  • Accommodative

Schools have become inclusive in terms of people with disabilities by improving their facilities and making their campuses accessible. Ramps, elevators and braille resources have finally found their way where they are needed.

All one can do is introspect and wonder what the future holds in terms of education and schooling.