As you know, Samsung has always manufactured the best devices across the world. And, also the Note series of Samsung is best in the industry. With the launch of the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung is at the top position among a number of companies in the market. Now the eyes of all the lovers of Samsung are on the next release, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and it is expected that it will be better than the predecessors.

Here are some significant things the users of Users of Samsung love to see in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which are discussed as below:

Body Type

When it comes to the body type of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it will have an aluminium finish edged body. The reason behind not using the aluminum body of the Galaxy Note 3 is not known. But, also there is no confirmation about the body of the Note 5, but it can be expected that it will consist of a better body than the previous Smartphones.


It is anticipated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have the latest technology in case of its camera. The Galaxy Note 5 will possibly consist of a wide angle secondary camera of 8 mega pixels with the latest technology as the people love to have selfies, and the main camera will be of 21 mega pixels. The resolution of the camera is supposed to be 55MP that will be available in the year 2015.

Wireless Charging

As you know, wireless charging is quite famous these days, therefore, it is expected by the users of Samsung that the Note 5 should also have wire charging. The wireless charging is an amazing feature that adds more value to the Note 5 and a number of users will get attracted towards it.

Snapdragon Processor

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will consist of a Snapdragon process of 64 bits that will be accessible in the next year. The Note 5 will be the perfect device to represent the best, which can be offered by Qualcomm. The users of the Note series are very excited to see the latest processor of the Note 5, it’s obvious that they expect that the processor of the latest Smartphone must be better than the previous one.


It is rumored that the latest technology used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is going to offer a better battery life to the users. This Smartphone will include a battery saver that is a great feature for this Smartphone. The battery saver will help the Smartphone to stay for a long time. If you want to have a better functionality and quality components, battery is a cooperation of all the time.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is supposed to have a 4K display that will have a size of 6 inches. The pixel density of this Smartphone will be of 700ppi pixel. The display of the Note 5 will be flexible that will also attract the people towards it.