Nainital is nestled at a height of around 2,084 meters above the level of sea. It is a famous hill station in Uttarakhand. The place is situated along with the foothills of Kumaon region of outer Himalayas. It is popular because of its various tourist spots and the wonderful climate that remains here throughout the year.

Under the realm of Nainital, you can experience a rich blend of natural beauty, adventurous deeds and captivating sites. Moreover, there is no need to get panic about your stay as well because you can pick a good and comfortable Resort in Nainital that too within your budget.

These 3 Beautiful Spots Of Nainital Will Hypnotize You

Nainital Lake

This lake is one of the most beautiful and best natural freshwater bodies in Uttarakhand. Since it is a lake in the middle of a busy township, it relishes huge tourist attraction. The lake is shaped in the form of crescent with Naina Devi Temple at one of its ends.

Nainital lake is enclosed by the tall and steep Naina peak on its North-West side, by Tiffin Top to south west side and snow-capped peaks on north. Beautiful coniferous forest trees cover the hill ranges. The Krol bunch of rocks, including marls, slates, limestones, sandstones, and dolomites along with a couple of small dykes intrusive, is the main geological creation of the surroundings of this beautiful lake. Once you are there, you can enjoy gorgeous vistas and splendid ambience. People carry out their picnics there and even relish water activities too.

Naina Peak

Naina Peak caters wonderful panoramic views of the snow-capped Himalayas and a brilliant view of Nainital city. It is also called Cheena Peak or China Peak. This peak is very popular for different activities such as trekking and horse riding.

If you want to grab the most rare and beautiful view of this site, then you have to wake up a bit early in the morning. Once you are up, just climb up to Naina peak for a hypnotic view of the sunset. Icing on the cake is that at this time, you won’t get any crowd there. So, if you want to spend some precious moments with your beloved, you can do it comfortably and in endowing silence.

Bhimtal Lake

Nainital has many lakes and amongst them Bhimtal is one of the most visited and serene spots to visit. It was named after the renowned Bhima of Maharashtra. This lake is gorgeously centred in the middle of lush green mountains and a tiny island at its centre.

The visitors can easily take a boat ride to reach the gorgeous island. How about spending some time at that piece of land, amidst complete peace and solitude? Visitors can also see the charming aquarium on the island. A rich variety of fish from different countries like Mexico, South Africa and China are kept in the aquarium.

Thus, there is no shortage of good hotels in Nainital. So, get your bags packed and head towards this enthralling city. While you are here, you can visit various other splendid spots too!