There are variety of shampoo and conditioners easily available in the market. But not all of them are considered to be good or really beneficial for the hair. The truth is that majority of them are chemical based. Most of them are on the hate list of the FDA. This is because, they make use of ingredients like sulfates and other harsh products that are not safe for the hair or the scalp. It is why, one should use only shampoo sulfate free products.

Shampoo Sulfate Free – Understand The Pros and Cons

Shampoo sulfate and paraben free – Do away with complaints

The general complaint that is noticed with the regular usage of chemical based shampoo products are many. Some of them are scalp, skin and eye irritation. It is because of the presence of sodium lauryl sulfate, a harsh chemical. Testing on humans and animals have shown that SLS is a severe irritant. But still it is used in making shampoos and other products. According to tests conducted the skin absorbs SLS and deposits left in internal organs. The reason for its common usage is because, beauty industry is of the opinion that it is fine.

Buy only the best shampoo sulfate free

Organic conditioners and shampoos are known to be sulphate free shampoo But, it does not offer foam such as other shampoos. Still, you can get your hair clean. Probably, you may not have that satisfying feeling, since it does not help to create that satisfying foam. Many companies make their customers to believe that foam is crucial for the hair to get clean. It is why sls is used in the making of the shampoos. But this is not the whole truth.

Is organix shampoo sulfate free – Do they really work?

This is a question that many tend to ask. The fact is that no relation exists between beauty and bubbles. Rather, the shampoo that makes creamy lather not necessarily provide that beautiful hair. The hair can be better cleaned by sls free products. The reason is because, they ensure that natural oil is not removed from the hair in any form. Hence, they are better used when compared to the others. Since sodium lauryl sulfate can be found cheap, an alternative one that does not produce lather and uses organic is likely to be expensive. Harsh chemicals are used by the manufacturers just to keep the cost down.

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L’Oréal shampoo sulfate free reviews – Why use organic shampoo products?

People these days prefer to buy those expensive organic shampoos because,

  • Less chances of facing skin irritation. Can stay away from health issues caused from SLS for long term.
  • Hair is likely to retain moisture in a better manner and it is likely to boost the condition.
  • Hair is less likely to get less damaged when heat tools are used to improve the condition.
  • The hair would become less dry, since it does not get stripped of the natural oils. Also, it improves the condition.
  • Most chemical free shampoo users have reported better growth of hair and volume as well as hair control.


The above show very clearly how beneficial sls free shampoo and conditioner products can be for the hair and the scalp. They can indeed do a lot of good for the user.