Many still fear The Shining from the year 1980; especially Shelley Duvall, who played Wendy Torrance. But she has different reasons for not enjoying the movie so much. Kubrick was a demanding, hard, meticulous director … and sometimes even cruel. So much so, that the stress of filming caused Shelley to start losing her hair.

Unfortunately, stress is fashionable. Modern life is fast and intense, it’s hard to maintain an integral lifestyle: work, family, exercise, food, personal time, reading … all in a week, or even in a single day. It is natural to have some chaos, and losing your hair is one of the most feared.

Of course, a man loses nothing more than a little extra style when his hair falls out – they can even seem more attractive, depending on his style. However, it is different for women, because their hair is as important as any other part of their body. And it shows: colour, length, shine, curls or waves – beautiful hair is part of what defines a successful, beautiful and sexy woman.

There are many ways in which a woman can lose her hair: stress, as it happened to Shelley Duvall in The Shining; chemotherapy, and even alopecia. There are many ways to deal with it and solve it, such as scarves or stylized turbans, which you can include in your daily dress code.

Another way is to encourage yourself to be like the beauty therapist, Eve, who proved that the beauty of a woman goes beyond her hair. But, if these options do not convince you and you prefer something more natural, why not look for human hair wigs for ladies?

Wigs are increasingly accepted because they are also part of current fashion. Celebrities like Lady Gaga use them in their concerts. There are also some actresses who use them in their films, and the hair extensions do a lot to expand the range of hairstyles that can be tested, every day: short, long, curly, wavy, straight, et cetera.

And the best? You can choose between synthetic hair or human hair wigs for ladies. Many women prefer the second option because it gives them a more natural look; and when they touch it, they feel it is part of their body. Also, it is not like in previous decades, when you had to disguise the wig. Now they can be incorporated into real hair to create a more aesthetic and natural appearance.

Apart from the natural look, human hair wigs for ladies can be easily stylized, to give that personal style that every woman has already found for her hair. They can also be found in a variety of colours and textures; If you are looking to match the colour of your hair, or highlight the intensity of your eyes, you will surely find the ideal human hair wig to achieve it.

And they are a long-term investment because they will last much longer than a synthetic wig – if you give it proper care. Human hair wigs need the same care as natural hair: combed, stylized, a bit of treatment so they do not lose their shine and last as long as possible. Of course, you will see that the reward is worth it.

In the end, it’s about finding the style that goes with you: turban, natural, extensions or wig. And of course, security and happiness. If you love yourself, it does not matter what you wear, because others will recognize your value.