Since the beginning of time man has been fascinated by dreams and tried to find them a meaning. One way or another, the interpretation of dreams has been present throughout history, from primitive peoples to the present through the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud.

We’ve all had a nightmare once and frequently more or less as I awoke with a weird sensation leading to a combination of tension, concern and curiosity. Upon awakening, instantly wonder what those terrific scenes, why we have a tendency to picture it in dreams and different things like that.

Well, as you’ll be able to imagine , interpretation and clarification of nightmares , far from straightforward , involves a lot of disputation , perspicacity and a number of different other complications. The truth is that it’s a awfully fascinating question and that a lot of difficulties representing their study, from science, neurobiology, and several other branches of medicine, there are numerous investigations.

Knowing that nightmares are a kind of parasomnia and a necessary a part of our dream activity that develops within the REM stage of sleep (REM), that have each physiological and psychological explanation that, among different things, are typically concise statements that the figure mind us while we sleep to excess stress and anxiety, today i will teach you the meaning of the foremost common nightmares according to the usual interpretations from science.

Dreams replicate events and real life issues. Our mood also interferes plenty in what we dream. Almost everybody has experienced a dream that causes us anxiety or fear. Some people dream the same nightmare over and over; others suffer nightmares whose content changes despite containing the same message.

Just as the dream , the nightmare that physiological and psychological reaction that occurs during the paradoxical phase of sleep. The ensuing dreams every night , but sometimes arise nightmares that disturb our sleep , making them more agitated , anxious and little sleep. Where do they come? Do you have any particular meaning? Here are our answers to your questions night.

Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Where do Nightmares?

Just as the dream , the nightmare that physiological and psychological reaction that occurs during the paradoxical phase of sleep. Translate anguish, fear recent or dysfunction, and stages, in most cases, an event that happened during the previous night. You can also tell earliest memories, even several months or years ago. When you have a nightmare, wakes often uncomfortable, our heart beats fast, breathable, feels frightened and even looks disoriented.

Some people also suffer from post- traumatic nightmares as a result of an accident, a war, a suicide of someone close. In these cases is much more recurring. Sometimes, nightmares can also be caused by a disease, or even chronic pain can arise from poor digestion.

But in all cases, we report on our unconscious. However, each person has a different sensitivity and nightmares like some perceive as painful, for others will be unpleasant.

Why do Children have more Nightmares?

It has been shown that children have more nightmares than adults. The reason is simple: a baby, a newcomer to the world again, he is continually assaulted by new images, feelings, smells, sounds and other strong emotions. The baby eliminates this excess of information that the brain has accumulated throughout the day only during the sleep period. Often, the main nightmare of a baby is that his mother abandons him, as he does every morning leaving it in the nursery, for example.

Until five years, the child often dreams of ghosts, dragons or persecution of thieves who have seen on TV or in books. Some children also dream conflicts with his brothers and sisters or their parents. The reason is not yet old enough to verbalize their fears and find it hard to show what they feel. But over the years, its language structure and fail to explain their emotions and feelings, reason and each time have fewer nightmares.

Is it Possible to End a Nightmare?

When a nightmare becomes recurrent, can be very disruptive, not only during sleep but also during the course of the day . In that case it is necessary to confront the problem instead of ignoring it, to evolve toward a less threatening sleep. Some psychologists explain that the treatment of nightmares can overcome fears and facilitates spiritual evolution.

The best known method is to write or display the nightmare before falling asleep, reinventing another script. If you play this script several nights in a row, the output of the nightmare will change little by little, until finally show more positive ending.

There is another possibility: if you have the opportunity to have a nightmare “lucid”, i.e., you are able to wake up being aware of what you dreamed, you can change the actions, question the reason for that story and editing.

Causes of Nightmares

Childhood and Family

The current nightmares can be rooted in trauma and neglect suffered since childhood. From the lack of love , neglect , alcoholism , to severe abuse , family members , in some cases can be the most destructive influence on the life of a person. Nightmares may be a sign of such inner turmoil .


The way of life of a person develops and society as a whole can contribute to nightmares . The perception you have of the world , wars, natural disasters , crime and individual inability to control such events can lead to nightmares .


Intimate relationships and daily interactions with others can also be a source of her nightmares . A person can be paranoid about the impression he makes on others, as other people see it . You may be subject to being misunderstood topic and see how the person really is . Isolation and unhappiness may appear in nightmares as abandonment and loneliness .


The way we handle stress can cause nightmares. Nightmares are a normal response to unacceptable levels of fear and tension. People diagnosed with the disorder Post- traumatic stress often have nightmares about their traumatic event, such as war, rape , death of a loved one, accidents , terrorism, etc.

The Work

Since most people spend most of the day at work, it’s no surprise that work- related events are a common source of nightmares. Stress, job security (or lack thereof), co-workers, unresolved issues, or general dissatisfaction with what is done can manifest into a nightmare. Nightmares may reflect feelings of frustration and inability to control labor situations. Nightmares of this nature may appear as the person being attacked, persecuted, or being out of control.

In general, stress, traumas, fears, insecurities, feelings of inadequacy, health problems, marital issues, etc. may be reasons for having nightmares.

Having nightmares are normal, but having them can often be a sign of being overwhelmed and under stress. Nightmares can be an important resource for understanding the personality and emotional discovery. Convey an important message for help and clarify possible conflicts in life. It is important to distance themselves from the emotional content (fear, grief, anger, pain, etc.) Of the nightmare and analyze it from an objective perspective. The disturbing emotions may be one way in which the subconscious tries to prevent digging deep into the meaning of nightmares. However, it is worth trying and has a sense of those darker dreams.

Here are the top 10 common dreams and their meanings.

1. Dreaming of Natural Disasters

To dream of an earthquake, a tsunami, a storm of major proportions or other natural disaster is more common than one might think and is the nightmare starts to this list. Disasters or natural disasters represent a looming fear in the unconscious, a strong feeling of anxiety. Experts say it can also manifest situations, as with the weather, they cannot control and involve minor breakdowns. It is also a sign of a problem of social and emotional relationships.

2. Dreaming of a Deceased

The appearance of a deceased or a loved one who died in our dream activity is also very common. The explanation for this kind of nightmares is directly related to the emotional struggles that we all face the loss of a loved one, moreover, in these dreams is determining the way in which the deceased died.

3. Dreaming miss an important event

Many people dream of being lost important events such as a wedding, an important meeting, a trip, a flight, etc. Commonly, the interpretation of this nightmare, like many others, is linked to feelings of anxiety and fear about the possibility of failing or being unable to meet the expectations of a person to represent certain kind of power. It is strongly linked to the concept of accountability, negativity and pessimism.

4. Dreaming of being Naked in Public

Nudity is more a matter of taboo and public nudity in dreams is a recurring nightmare particularly among adolescents. However, experts say that its significance may be realizing a serious problem, directly related to low self-esteem, lack of communication and relationship problems with the peer group.

5. To Dream that your Teeth Fall Out

A nightmare that is also especially associated with self-esteem issues, insecurity and conflicts in personality is to dream that your teeth fall off. It is also a common nightmare among teens and is very similar to that of being naked in public, although it is more prevalent than the last mentioned. The fear of being judged by the masses, strong anxiety and concern about the way in which other individuals consider the physical aspect of the person, are key behind this nightmare.

6. To Dream that Hurt us or Cause us Injury

The capabilities of our brain during dream activity is most fascinating and dreams can resultarnos very, very real, especially when we dream that we get hurt, we get a hit or someone inflicts a wound in the body. It’s a common nightmare and interpretation suggests the vulnerability or weakness that the dreamer is feeling this. It is particularly related to problems in the development of character and personality.

7. To Dream that you Lose your Partner or other Loved

Another common nightmare, especially related to insecurity, anxiety and above all, the fear of loneliness. This is characterized by the departure of a loved one, which can be both a partner and a friend, family member or someone close and is interpreted as a feeling of inferiority, lack of confidence and dependence on another person.

8. Dream of being Trapped in a Locked the Site

This is the worst nightmare of those who suffer claustrophobia related disorders or who have had traumatic experiences related to the closure and fairly, is a nightmare that kidnap victims often experience. There is also a symbolic interpretation suggests that this kind of nightmare sufferers often unconsciously also who feel trapped in situations of everyday life, financial problems, work, routine and also emotional.

9. Dream that We Fall

How many times have you dreamed that you were falling and woke up with the violent shaking of your body to react? For it is the second most common nightmare and according to several interpretations, is a manifestation of excessive stress and anxiety felt by an individual at the inability to control a problem in your personal life.

10. Dreaming that Haunt us

Dream that we are pursuing is the most common nightmare. Generally you dream that an animal considerably dangerous, a person with bad intentions or a fictional and paranormal type, we pursued or intended to attack. According to experts, this nightmare is when we feel fearful of a confrontation, it may be against the head of employment, a teacher, an abusive father or an emotional relationship that compromised its continuity. It is also noted that this dream is more intense and recurrent when the person has suffered abuse of any kind.

Undoubtedly, the mind and our ability to dream, and to understand and interpret our dreams from the sciences, is a large, desolate land where we still have far to go. From areas such as neuroscience and thanks to the development of psychological therapies, it has been determined that these are the most common unpleasant dream activities and possible explanations. What do you think about it? What other nightmare you had and how you think you could explain it?