Natural lighting is highly desirable in both home and business, but large windows on the facing of the building also increase the need for security, unlike features such as the barrel vault. An alternative that gives added light, but without the added need of security is lighting from the roof, through barrel vaults and other products.

The Value Of Good Lighting

Barrel Vaults

While the simple skylight might be familiar, a more enhancing feature to add to any building is the barrel vault, a glazed window or series of windows in any shape desired. Obviously, a barrel shape is the form from which the name is derived, but a barrel vault can be shaped in any configuration desired by the client. Not only does a barrel vault add light, but it can dramatically change a room, giving it both an aesthetic appeal and ambience. You can create the atmosphere you desire with the size and shape of the barrel vault which can be clear or a variety of colours of glass to control not just the amount of light, but the shade of light.

Architectural Skylights

Architectural skylights come in a variety of shapes. Like barrel vaults, they can be clear or coated to determine the amount and colour of the light. A single skylight gives the option of natural light in a room so that during the loss of power, light is still provided. Additionally, skylights help cut down the cost of power because a room with a skylight will need less artificial light. Artwork and room decorations will be enhanced by the use of natural light, and the skylight itself will add style and value to a home or business.

Trending now

Home value and office aesthetics used to focus on the floor, but floor-no-more. Of the eight hottest trends in homes, what is on the ceiling counts more. The floor still counts, but when walking into a room, the prospective buyer or customer looks up to ceiling treatments. If you want your business to make a statement, then your approach to decorating should also include ceiling treatments. With the barrel vault or skylight, multiple missions are accomplished. It is pleasing to the eye and creates a space in which weariness people want to reside.

What to do

When hiring a contractor for a barrel vault of any other natural lighting or roof-access point, look for a contractor who guarantees the work in writing, has a proven track record and liability insurance so that if anything goes wrong with the installation, their insurance will pay for repairs. Do not assume that a contractor with a beautiful website is insured. Do look for a company with a proven track record, and if possible, references.

The internet has provided the fastest tool for researching your needs. When taken to a contractor’s website, read everything on the contractor’s products and services and check to see if the contractor is operating in more than one location. Look at the gallery of past work and ask for an appointment to discuss your needs. Take photographs of the room you want renovated and ask for a break-down of all costs. You will bring more light and beauty into your world. For more information, please visit – Skylights For Homes.