Muscle pains are one of the most obvious symptoms to appear after a car crash.  Although they may start as something trivial, feeling like it would just go away, an injured muscle that is not restored properly can cause serious problems in the future. In most of the cases, muscle pains do not start immediately after the accident. Quite often, a severe pain strikes a few days later. So why take chances? If you have been in an accident, get examined by a car accident doctor immediately and learn about the suitable treatment options for your condition. Here are two most effective treatment types for muscle injuries that you can avail after a car accident:

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Physicians are recommending the use of laser therapy more than ever before to help reduce the muscle pain resulting from a car accident. This powerful therapy helps damaged muscles heal quickly by reducing swelling and inflammation. As a result, the patient experiences a quick relief from pain and muscle spasms. With laser therapy, the healing time is three to five times faster than any other treatment options. With the healing process setting in quickly, there are lower risks of improper scar tissue formation. This significantly cuts down the risks of re-injuring the area later in life. You can feel reduced pain almost immediately. Improved circulation and reduced inflammation are the  bonus.  What is more? This drugless treatment is completely free from any side effect. You may have to attend a few sessions, each of which generally lasts for 15 minutes or less. Benefits are cumulative.

Therapeutic Exercises

Rehabilitation of damaged muscles is extremely important. The restoration process is typically managed in three phases that includes restoration of motion, endurance, and strength respectively.

During the healing process, scar tissues start growing around the damaged muscles.  They start filling up the area pretty fast. These scar tissues inside the muscles behave like scar tissues on the outside of your body.  If you take a look at any of your old scar, you will notice that the skin around the area of scar has an irregular shape and looks different.  When this happens to your muscle, the damaged area becomes vulnerable to failure in the future. Restoring motion is important to offset this process. This process involves practicing a few simple motion exercises according to doctor’s instructions. The training helps scar tissues to form and line up your muscles properly.

As you slowly start recovering from pain, your physician will start with the restoration of endurance. In order to increase the endurance of your muscles, you will have to repeat the exercises a number of time. These repetitions of movements will help train your muscle group in a way that they would once again become capable of supporting your day to day activities.

In the next phase, your physician will focus on increasing strength of the damaged muscle. Now that the scar tissues have already formed, this phase helps solidify them in a proper manner. This enables muscle groups to function as a unit, making them less prone to damages in the future.

Auto accident victims often struggle with muscle pains for the rest of their life simply because they don’t take their muscle injuries seriously. Don’t walk their path and don’t allow muscle pain to keep you away from the mainstays of life. Visit a car accident doctor immediately after a crash, even if it happens to be a minor fender bender. Your quick action can save you from a lot of troubles in the future.