There are many doll collectors in the world. When you start collecting dolls you not only admire their beauty, but you also imagine what would make for a beautiful doll.

If you are an avid doll collector, you may want to consider making dolls of your own.

Tools To Make Your Own Dolls

Though you may not think you have the skills to make a doll, this blog will assist you in gathering the tools you need to start your doll-making journey.

Where There Is A Will, There’s A Way!

The first tool you need to make dolls is the will or motivation to make them.

Some people may spend their whole lives admiring dolls but never try to make their dream dolls to fulfill their own vision.

You will never know if you can make your own dolls and be creative, unless you try.

What is the worst that is going to happen, you will make a not so pretty doll,

but even then, it will still be your doll, that you envisioned, and created.

Nobody makes the perfect doll the first time, after all, practice makes perfect.

Materials For Making Dolls

There are many different materials that can be used to make dolls. The first step is choosing the material that you are most comfortable sculpting.

There are various forms of clay that can be used such as greasy or wet clay.

Both of these are good for beginners because they are easy to break down and use again.

If you are not comfortable with molding clay, there is numerous other materials that can be bakes to a finish, but once they are baked, they can’t be reused.

When you are choosing your material, you are going to want something that is going to be firm for sculpting.

The more firm the material, the less likely a small mistake will cause your entire project to fall apart.

Greasy clay is the ideal material for beginners because it is firm to sculpt and won’t dry out throughout the project.

Keeping The Doll Upright

Making a doll takes a steady hand and precision. Dolls have very specific features and these features can be difficult to sculpt when they are laid flat on a table.

You may want to consider purchasing a sculpting stand to keep the doll at an eye level.

Keeping your project at an eye level allows you to focus on the attention to details without having to hold in one hand and sculpt with the other.

The use of two hands is going to make your doll look accurate and make the whole project easier on yourself.

Tools To Make A Masterpiece

Just like any other project, sculpting a doll is going to take tools. Some artists have such a steady hand they can sculpt a dolls features with their fingernails.

Since you are beginning this new hobby, you may want to consider investing in some sculpting tools.

These tools make working on a small canvas simple and allow you to give your doll specific facial features.

Kate Carson has been in the industry of collectable dolls for several years.

She has studied the variety of different doll collections including how dolls are made and their clothing designed.