Tungsten rings are a beautiful collection and make for a stylish wedding band.

Most women like to personalize their husband’s wedding bands by adding a special engraving inside of the ring.

Tungsten Rings Are Engraved

This not only sends a message to your loved ones heart, but also makes their ring 100% unique.

What most people don’t know is how the engraving process is done.

Traditional Engraving

Traditional engraving is the oldest form of engraving. The engraving process is nothing new, but the process still requires some time and effort.

Traditional engraving entails engraving the words onto the surface of the ring.

To some this may sound like a super simple task, but if you remember correctly, tungsten is meant to be durable and resist scratch or damage.

So what this means is this simple process can be a little difficult to do on a tungsten ring, though it is difficult, it is not impossible.

Think about diamonds and glass, diamonds are stronger than class, so a diamond has the ability to cut glass.

Glass is a strong durable substance that you cannot cut with your fingernails.

Why diamonds can cut glass is because diamonds are the stronger substance.

This theory is how it is possible to engrave on tungsten. Engravers use a stronger material then the tungsten itself.

They carve the engraving into the ring on the surface using a steady hand.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving requires less skill than a handcrafted engraving. However, laser engraving has changed the face of engraving forever.

The creation of laser engraving has made the engraving process faster, allowing engravers to produce more rings in one day compared to if they hand crafted their engravings.

Laser engravings makes engraving simple on tougher metals such as tungsten carbide, which can be extremely difficult to carve by hand.

The laser engraving process is simple; all that is needed is a computer with the selected software and the laser.

How it works is the desired engraving is programmed into the computer along with the information about the ring.

Once the engraving is programmed in, all it takes is a simple press of a button.

Once the process begins, the laser in the exact engraving that was programmed engraves the ring.

No Method Is Better Than The Other

If you decide to personalize your wedding band with an engraving to melt your spouse to be’s heart with a special quote, there is no one engraving method that is better than another.

Both methods will produce beautiful rings and each has their own benefits.

Hand engraving makes the engraving a little more special because it is hand crafted. Engraving is a difficult process that requires delicate hand and skill.

They may be able to add small details that a laser engraver couldn’t.

Laser engraving is going to do your engraving faster, which may in turn get you your engraved ring back faster than if you choose your message to be hand engraved.

Both methods will produce beautiful results that you and your spouse will be happy with.

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