While checking avenues for investing, the investor might forgo the top ones because he is busy and does not find time to choose and pick. The companies that show growth and have received funding for their immediate expansion will be the best prospects. Here is a look at some of the healthcare companies because they make reliable investment opportunities.

More Investment Chances In Healthcare Sector


This Bangalore based healthcare management app came into being in 2015. This is one of the best new Healthcare companies in India. The services included in this have pathological medical tests and buying medicines. It helps you set up a consultation with the doctor or your physiotherapist. You may also avail of homecare using the app. It reminds you of the timetable to take medicines. Also, you can get in touch with doctors and pharmacies using this app. The start-up aims to raise INR 1 crore in the next two months from investors. Good time for the investors to invest in this company.


Based in Mumbai, this marketplace covers all medical supplies and healthcare needs of the common person. It came into being in 2015 and now has over 26,000 products. They have signed on over 5,000 hospitals and over 6,000 medical establishments and sellers can post their products on this website. They aim to raise INR 300 crore in the coming few months. This is also worth looking into if you are planning to make an investment.

Elevar Equity

A boon for people with a low income, Elevar Equity aims to create consultation systems across the global community. At present, it has a network of 16 companies in 6 countries and they have a capital mobilization of $4 billion and over. It includes several essential healthcare services aimed at targeted communities. Their investment is Glocal Healthcare that gives health care services at two levels.

Medibox Technologies

This is a Bangalore based startup that connects patients to hospitals and blood banks across the country. Patients can avail of healthcare facilities through the cloud. They have a network of 20,000 product suppliers for healthcare. This network also contains 1.7 lakh retailers in the pharmaceutical sector. Marketing companies in healthcare number over one lakh. This is one of the best emerging Healthcare companies in India.


Aimed at developing countries with a low-income market, Ennovent has a healthcare grid containing 4751 Network members and 15 circle members in 10 countries. They came into being in 2008 and have helped users find novel solutions ever since. They also provide finance for the fresh startups to help them grow fast. They have Solution Clients working on over 80 innovative products.

Thrymr Software

This is a Hyderabad based healthcare delivery platform. It offers two products through the cloud – eRx and MedNetwork. The patients and doctors, clinics and pharmacies remain connected through the MedNetwork. `They also have blood banks and diagnostic centers in their network. To take care of business needs and filing of healthcare data you have the eRx. It needed a funding of $5 million from investors.

Investing in these companies is sure to bring you good returns. Pick your time to make the investment and watch your wealth grow.