As the life expectancy of the US population continues to grow year on year, there will continue to be an increase in the number of dentists and related jobs required to keep everyone’s oral health on track, according to This increase in the number of jobs will likely result in more opportunities for your own staff members to change jobs and move to a position which can appear more lucrative. This means your best employees may move to your competitors, which will not only increase your recruitment and training costs, but also leave a hole in the business looking to be filled. So, how do you keep your existing employees happy? The key is to empower them!

The Secret To Increasing Employee Retention Rates

The Power of Empowerment

We believe that the “power of empowerment” will help you retain your best employees. Research has found that time and time again that if you empower your employees, it increases employee motivation and confidence in the management, which not only increase their performance, but also keep them happy in their job, leading to greater employee retention.

Here are some other reasons why empowering your employees is a good route to take:

Quality of Work Goes Up

When you give the responsibility of a task to an employee, which they are solely responsible for, they are more likely to make a better job of it. This leads to employees taking greater pride in their work, which not only benefits the employees, but also the dental office.

Collaboration Increases

The more and more tasks you give to your employees, this empowerment will increase and the employee’s confidence will grow as a result. With this boost in confidence, you will quickly notice that your employees will exhibit teamwork to share skills and techniques with each other. This is a great way to develop your culture within the business.

Cost Reductions

Empowering employees is a great way to reduce costs. It should be seen as an investment at first. Sure, it can be a chore to train employees to do a new task, both in terms of finance and time. This training will be repaid with more productive staff, who are happier in their job. Because they are happier, they are less likely to leave, reducing recruitment costs.

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