In the past, the endurance of power outage was a simple activity which involved lighting the fireplace and a candle. These days, power outages can cause serious losses because it may mean complete stoppage of work at the construction site. To provide constant energy to your construction you should first evaluate its energy needs.

Power backup diesel generators are available in different power wattage capacities ranging from 5kW to 30 kW and even higher. The size and nature of construction will determine the amount of energy that is required for backup in the event of power outage. There are two main types of generators that you can use to provide constant energy to your construction business.

Portable Diesel Generators

For small scale construction business, portable diesel generators can provide the required back up. Many Australians are now converting portable diesel generators to emergency systems of backup for their businesses. A 5,000 watt generator can provide the required power backup in a small scale construction for a period of 8 hours. Note that some of the generators sold in the hardware stores may be of low quality. If you need something of high quality, which is built to last long you should ensure that you get only contractor quality generators.

How To Provide Constant Energy For Your Construction Business
To provide constant energy for your construction site you should acquire extension cords. The recommended use of portable generators is placing them outdoors, and then running extension cords through open door or window to the appliance in the chosen construction. All generators emit harmful carbon monoxide which can pose serious health risks to workers at the construction site, if it is used indoors. Rating of extension cords is through gauges. The most common size of cord for generator use is 10, 12 and 14-gauge. A small gauge number means the cord is thicker and can carry more electricity. You should thus ensure you acquire extension cord of the right length or thickness.

Standby Diesel Generators

Although portable diesel generators are affordable, you will have to connect to the appliance and then start its engine so as to provide the required back up. This means that there will be power interruption between the time of power outage and the time you connect the standby generator. To avoid this inconvenience, you should think of setting up standby generator at your construction site.

Most standby generators are installed to automatically turn on and supply power when there is power outage. This means that there will be no power interruption because the standby generator will continue the supply of power immediately there is an interruption. The standby generator will run until the main power supply is installed, when it will shut down and wait for next power interruption when it will turn on.

Transfer Switches

For the sake of safety at the construction site, you should hire licensed electrician in Australia to install transfer switch which will distribute power from backup generator to the circuit box in the site. This will reduce the need of having multiple extension cords which run from backup generator to multiple appliances in the construction site, and this will eliminate electrical “back feed” risk which may injure utility workers who could be working on or repairing downed power lines which caused the power outage.