It should come as no great surprise that different colors could potentially have various influences on people—whether the emotion is good or bad. Depending on the exact color and tone, a range or feelings can be inflicted when a person is exposed to a specific shade of an object.

The Variety of Effects

As noted earlier, colors can greatly influence a person’s mood and/or emotions (i.e. how they feel about something, their current mindset, their attitude, etc.). A specific color can also tell quite a bit about an individual. For example, if a person gravitates towards a certain color, their mood or feelings could potentially be revealed. The same can be said for when a person avoids a specific color. The avoidance could allow someone to see what that person is truly thinking or what he or she actually believes.

It’s also important to realize that colors have a symbolic meaning. What one color means to one individual could me something completely different for another. For instances, colors can give different people various types of energy—whether the level is high or low. One color might make someone feel wonderful, but at the same time make another individual feel low or upset.

The Power Of Colors

Specific Colors

As each color provides a different meaning or can evoke a different feeling, it’s important to take a look at various colors and take notice of just how different emotions come into play. Take a look below:


This color is known for bringing warmth, energy, and stimulation. It’s believed that red can assist with the following conditions: lack of energy, fatigue, colds, and passive people. When it comes to the medical field, the color red can help with the heart and the task of blood circulation. This color can also assist with hearing, smelling, tasting, vision, and touch—or, the five senses. Red is also noted for being a popular color when it comes to fashion and clothing, whether the item is in fact clothing, an accessory, or jewelry.


The color blue has been known to assist in a number of ways. For example, blue can help calm down inflammations, fever, high blood pressure, and relief headaches and stop bleeding. Blue can also aspire to help with overpowering emotions, such as the following: anger, aggression, and/or hysteria. Various feelings associated with this color include, but are not limited to: soothing, peace, magical, and dreamy. Those who have a strong connection to the color of blue often are very disciplined, career oriented, and set goals that they often strive after.


The color pink is known to assist with feelings of grief and sadness. Not only is it said that pink can help you get in touch with your true feelings, but pink is also suppose to be able to restore feelings of youthfulness. If a person doesn’t like the color of pink or avoids it, it’s believed that he or she has trouble expressing their softer side.

The wonderful thing about various colors is the fact that they can be found anywhere. As mentioned, the color red is important when it comes to fashion. However, it isn’t just red that is popular, but all colors. It doesn’t matter what piece of jewelry or accessory you’re specifically looking for, you will be able to find at least something in every color, no matter the shade or hue. Specifically, rainbow rings tend to showcase all of the colors (or a vast range of colors), as these rings depict a rainbow. This could be one of the reasons as to why this type of jewelry is so popular: because it’s colorful and could actually go with just about anything!

The next time you see an item or object, take note of it’s color. You may be a little surprised as just to how that color will make you feel.