In today’s society, what you wear can define your social status. But what perfume you wear can define social status in the eyes of the people. Perfumes are a luxury to most people because of how expensive elite perfumes can be. Hugo boss is one of the top perfume manufacturers in the world that has successfully captured their market of high class people and professionals.

Available in 127 countries with thousands of outlets in each of these locations, Hugo Boss has gained high brand awareness of around 90% of its target market. It also dominates the market with its 60% market share in the perfume industry, making it one of the most, if not the most, popular perfume brands in the world. But why is Hugo Boss so popular in the perfume industry?

The Popularity Of Hugo Boss Perfumes

Hugo Boss creates advertisements that attract a specific market, social classes A and B. They price their perfumes higher because of their target market and their great R&D department for perfumes. Their strategies have allowed them to grow in an exponential rate through the years, regarding them as a premium perfume manufacturer in the eyes of the majority.

“I don’t believe in less.” – Gerard Butler.  In this statement, the popular actor captivates the minds of the market with a simple yet enticing sentence. This message makes the market want to buy perfumes from Hugo Boss. Celebrities and models create a premium image on the brand, with its success being seen in its sales.

Through the years, people have also spread the word that Hugo Boss has the best perfumes available in the market and in hearing the different personal opinions about Hugo Boss, this creates value in the product even more than the marketing strategies of Hugo Boss. Nothing beats word of mouth advertisements by its loyal users and Hugo Boss perfumes have proven this statement to be true.

In conclusion, Hugo Boss is not only popular due to its marketing efforts, but because it is able to give people what they are looking for: fragrances that are unique and prestige. Their perfumes are of excellent quality with a price to match that quality, of course. Most people believe that buying perfume from Hugo Boss would be a great investment for their professional careers and their social image. This statement is rather true since almost everyone is aware of how luxurious and elegant Hugo perfumes are.

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