As with fashion, interior design has trends that appear for different years and different seasons. They are suggestions for homeowners to make sure they are up to date with the latest trends and can incorporate them within their homes in every possible room and outside.

Patterns are big for 2013 and are the epitome of the Spring / Summer season, they can be done in any manner whether they are used to wallpaper a room, add small bursts of vibrant pattern with accessories or add a hint of colour to accompany a theme. The way in which they are done and used in your home depends on personal preference and the way you wish a room and your home to look.

Patters for this season, work perfectly with the idea of creating your own added touches to your décor as they can be ideal for all range of items. Making your own cushion covers in a floral print has never been simpler especially with the advice and materials provided by

The Perfect Summer Patterns

There are some simply guidelines to consider in order to use the patterns in the best way to ensure they have the best possible effect…

  • Creating your own means you are able to use the patterns in the way you want to, on items you wish to introduce and the fabrics that are in keeping with your theme
  • Limit mixing multiple patterns as they often do not blend well together
  • Strong statements are made with the use of these fabrics and it is often best to add little hints of the patterns until you are more confident
  • Bold colours are key and they need to be used subtly with the patterned fabrics to ensure they are not over powering and simply too much for a room
  • The patterns and colours of this season can be dominating so make sure to use them in the right way and add splashes with accessories or have neutral accessories if the colours and fabrics are used on a larger scale

Spring / Summer 2013 Patterns

There are a few patterns that stand out in particular for this season…


A pattern that is popular throughout any season, although especially summer as it summarises the season perfectly.

Vertical Stripes

This pattern has been popular for some time due to its versatility


Typically found in clothes, dogtooth can be easily incorporated into the home although is best done subtly

Heavy Patterns

Bold, intricate prints that are dominating are great if they too are done subtly within a predominantly neutral room

Bright and Colourful

The bolder the better, neon’s, deep colours, bright aqua’s, pinks and yellows are key within any stylish home


The ranges of botanical wallpapers are stunning and ideal for most rooms within the house


Likewise with vertical stripes, cheques are popular due to their versatility and ideal for accessories


All types of stripes are perfect for the home, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living areas stripes can fit in any environment


Not for the faint hearted, this pattern is best done in small subtle hints to ensure it is not over bearing