Technology advancement is an expectation that is always associated with a new release. Unveiling a new model of a specific technology creates a fuss that generates speculations. These speculations have to be proven wrong or right at the end by the firm or company unveiling the model or device. This is the same case we see today with the unveiling of the iPhone 7 by Apple. Apple iPhone 7 is here and is soon to be in your hand with its massive new changes and designs. You have to see this innovation and invention that the Apples’ iPhone 7 represents. Some of the speculated issues in regards to the technology are elaborated here.

1. Loose the Headphones

This is the most recent technology incorporated into the iPhone. It is essential for you to be the first one to use an iPhone without the headphone jack. Apple has introduced new technology that requires you to use the Lightning Port to listen to your music. Do not be afraid to access the new iPhone due to this specific change; the headphones connecting to the port will be issued for free before the release is completely done. Make sure you get one and attain your goal of owning the iPhone 7 without any kinks.

2. Sleek Design

The technology used by Apple is designed to ensure the iPhone becomes slimmer and slimmer with each passing day. To achieve this headphone antenna bumps including the camera bumps have to go. The iPhone becomes flat and much smooth on its back. The bumps will be replaced by a larger camera, according to the leaks and images of the iPhone seen. The autofocus module is laser focused and is seen in the middle of the LED flash and the Camera. The iPhone is set to have a smooth edge display on all of its sides. This will make it harder and harder to break due to any unfortunate activity or accident. Bumpers have been placed on the screen from its edges; they prevent the screen from coming into contact with the floor ensuring no breakage occurs.

3. IPhone 7 Camera

Do you love taking photos, images and making memories? The iPhone 7 from Apple is your best choice. It will have a camera with two specific sensors. This is to ensure that the pictures taken are brighter and more detailed. The lenses will take different color shades on the photos but simultaneously merge them into one incorporating the changes in each photo. This will make the images appear special and do your preferred outcome. This is not all; you can now zoom in and zoom out your images with the most clarity in both low light and high light. It sharpens and increases the clarity of any picture taken regardless of the surrounding.

4. Pressure

No more clicking to start or end a call. Apple has introduced a pressure sensitive screen button to do that specific function. Just press and apply pressure to the home screen button to perform your desired operation on the iPhone. This is an increasingly spreading knowledge, and this rumor cannot be ignored. The button is set to use sensations i.e. hepatic sensations ones pressure is applied on the home button. This is fun, and curiosity has picked about the hepatic sensations. We are looking forward to using the button and familiarize ourselves with it.

5. Water Resistance

This is also a technology that is being incorporated to the new iPhone 7 from Apple. Imagine not worrying about water getting into your phone; this is very cool. Water is one of the major challenges that we face on daily basis. With this technology at hand, dust resistance, and other similar features are expected to be here soon. The screen has been made waterproof and splashes proof. This is inclusive of the speakers on the Apple iPhone 7.

6. Battery Life

Battery life has become an impending issue discussed by the users before the purchase of any phone or technology. The iPhone 7-battery life is also a determining factor in regards to its popularity. We all want a battery that lasts longer or better access to charging units. Apple is making the model slimmer, which suggests that the battery size will probably increase in size. You can now enjoy longer battery life with Apples’ iPhone 7.


Technology inventions and development is special to everyone. Inclusion in all the activities of the technology firms is important to us. The innovations and inventions being taken into consideration in the unveiling and release of the iPhone 7 are fundamental to us. The Apple Company is clearly enjoying the curiosity that has been created with the leaks, as it is a major marketing point for their new device. We are looking forward to the release of this device. Do not be left behind with the new technology in the market. Be the first to know, familiarize and experience the iPhone 7 device from Apple.