Transport contracts can be a gruelling work of healers and cause confusing paperwork and organizational issues for haulage managers, especially for those new to the business. Changes in schedules, unexpected breakdowns, road accidents and even the stress of driving for hours on end can all add up to cause significant problems in the long run.


Recent advances in technology, however, can make transportation contracts much easier to manage for all parties involved:

Instantaneous Communication

One of the most obvious benefits of technology for handling transport contracts is the ability to share information in real-time. Cell phones, email providers and Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) services allow haulage managers to get in touch with clients no matter where they are. This also works wonders for the hauliers themselves since they can provide feedback on their status or alert their haulage managers when something goes wrong. This technology can also allow these same hauliers to stay in touch with their families, helping to prevent homesickness while away handling long-term haulage contracts. These reasons alone warrant installing wireless Internet receivers on the lorries used to handle the hauling.

GPS Tracking and Navigation

Another vital piece of technology for handling transport contracts is the humble GPS tracker. This easy to use bit of technology is useful for both the haulier and the haulage manager. Hauliers can use GPS navigators to help drive around an unfamiliar route and waste less time looking around for the delivery site. On the other hand, haulage managers can keep track of the positions of the lorries and adjust the schedules based on the progress of each lorry. This same information can also be shared with anxious customers that want to know when to expect their deliveries.

Paperless Office Organization

A simple desktop or laptop computer can hold hundreds of thousands of files and therefore makes a convenient replacement for rooms full of documents. Files are also much safer from the ravages of the elements if you opt to save them on the Internet. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Dropbox let you save your files securely on their servers, and for a minimal price you can have an increased amount of storage space than what is offered for free. The best part is that you can quickly look up these documents and review them without having to go through row after row of papers. This convenience can be a lifesaver when reviewing the terms of a transport agreement with a client.

Remote Payments and Contracts

The Internet is a great place for finding transport contracts without wasting time, money and energy running around the place. There are quite a few services dedicated to connecting hauliers to potential clients looking to enter into a transport partnership deal. Simply pay a cut and you will have access to a much wider client pool than you would normally be exposed to. Speaking of payments, you can also remotely send and receive payments using the Internet, which further streamlines the process of setting up and fulfilling your contracts.

Keep these bits of information in mind and you will be able to make the latest developments in communications technology work for your transport contracts!