Everyone loves to have a green environment around. Having beautiful lawns, play areas, planned and organised entrances to the property is always cherished and it also enhances the beauty and the value of your property. These days it is easily achievable by installing artificial grass in your lawns or other areas. This synthetic grass gives your lawn a perfect and tidy look during all the seasons and you can enjoy the benefits without any hassle of maintaining it.

The Maintenance Free Luxury - Artificial Grass

This artificial grass for lawns and sidewalks is available in many different varieties and products. The landscaping can be easily done and is extremely cost effective. It saves a lot of money which otherwise is spent on the maintenance of the original lawns in terms of moving, fertilising, watering and regular upkeep of the grass to keep it safe from the effects of changes in the weather conditions or the damage by the insects.

The artificial grass provides beautiful earth friendly landscapes, which also adds to the monetary value of the property. The installation of the grass is also very easy and can be done on your own also. However, for the area above 100sq. feet it is recommended that the services of an expert should be taken.

For majority of the uses this artificial grass is a blessing. It is maintenance free; the best cleanser for this useful turf is the rainfall which will wash away any kind of dust or pollen. In case you live in an area where the rainfall is scarce, don’t worry!!! Just spray the water with the help of a hosepipe.

In case the turf is lightly soiled, a mixture of warm water and a bit of normal household detergent will clean it wonderfully. If there are any solid or paste like deposits, they can be easily removed with the help of back of a knife or a spatula. In case there is an excess of water or any other liquid spilled over the artificial grass, it can be easily soaked using the paper towels, a clean piece of cloth or by sprinkling other absorbents like the fuller’s earth.

There is a large variety of artificial grass available these days. It is available in many ranges to suit the taste and budget of the customer. It is the best investment for the play areas in the schools, house lawns or sidewalks, entrances of the commercial properties as it always look fresh and tidy and give a well-kept look to the area.

There are various benefits of installing artificial grass as it is extremely useful for the home gardens, the playgrounds in the schools and nurseries and provide a safe and uncluttered area for relaxation and entertainment.

The different types of the artificial grass available are the garden grass, clever yarn; the super soft luxury grass, lush green grass and natural summer look grass etc. The cost of installing artificial grass depends largely on the choice of the type of grass and the area on which it is to be installed. Normally the range starts from £10m2 to £30m2. This artificial grass comes with the guarantee of 10-15 years.

Don’t wait to enhance the beauty of your surroundings, get installed the artificial grass and enjoy the maintenance free luxury!!!