With traditional in-school education, scheduling and curriculum are the main drivers. A student’s day may begin with homeroom, then progress to math, followed by history, gym, lunch and then computer. With such limited time to explore the technological side of life, students are therefore restricted in how they can access resources. With the exception of the mere 45 minutes (maybe) that they get in school and the 45 minutes (maybe) that they have left at the end of the day, students do not have much time to research, explore and engage in all that the World Wide Web has to offer.

Online Education

When you take advantage of online education you will have the ability to select from a number of different homeschool classes. Many of which will allow your child to gain access to the many valuable resources that the internet has to offer. Parents can sometimes be hesitant about online education, as they fear their child will not have the proper training or chances of success. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, homeschooled children consistently outperform in-school students by a landslide. They not only score better on standardized tests and maintain higher GPAs, but they also get into some of the nation’s most elite universities.

With online education, such as FutureSchool.com, comes the ability to take advantage of online tutoring. Online tutoring is a great resource for your child. It offers them the chance to access live one-on-one tutors any time of the day, any day of the week. This means no more waiting for your scheduled session. No more running lists, no more forgetting a questionable step of a math problem, and no more falling behind as a result of physically not being able to learn anymore until you understand said step. Online education is an excellent way to improve your child’s access to useful resources and therefore a great way to improve your child’s educational potential.