We have heard the very popular cliché-type phrases that all those exotic meat taste just like chicken. It is often used to describe any unfamiliar, non traditional meat, such as crocodile, snake and alligator to people who have never tried them. Although many people who have tasted these reptile meats say that these creepy crawlers do taste like typical chicken; can we use the same description for bat, porcupine and llama?

Nearly all meats are edible, but are we willing to try them? There are many options available, such as kangaroo steak, caribou tenderloin, snake kabobs, yak patties and moose jerkies. More and more exotic meats are being offered in supermarkets and restaurants around the world.

The change in culinary movement has attracted many avid carnivores and they are willing to try many different things, other than chicken, fish and beef. Actually, all those walking animals in the zoo are edible, including lion and black bear. Gone are the days when turkeys, chickens, pigs and cows are our only meat source.

From appetizers to entrees to main course and sometimes to desserts, exotic meats are versatile enough for any kind of application. They have simply become all the rage in the culinary world. Many of them have rich, unique flavour. They can also be considered as healthier alternatives, due to lower calories, cholesterol and fat content. As the world has started to become greener, many people are turning steadily to much healthier food solutions.

It is the reason why sales of exotic meats continue to grow significantly. In fact, restaurants have started to offer exotic food as a way to draw many health-conscious eaters. As the world started to become friendlier environmentally, concerned people will try to find other sources that put less pressure to the nature.

Venison, wild boar, elk and buffalo have been available for quite some time now. Curiously, these meats are often considered unusual and exotic. Armadillo is now a popular alternative in Mexico and some parts of the United States. It is an ideal substitute for pork, beef and chicken. Yak is more prevalent in India, Nepal and Tibet; and it is considered a healthier alternative to typical red meat.

In Australia, kangaroo is often considered as pest, because it has multiplied in large enough number in the outback. Kangaroo is highly appreciated for its flavour and it is considered as a heart-healthy meat.

Obviously, we can’t just eat all the meat in the world. Some of the meats can be bad for us and make us sick immediately. As an example, the Mariana fruit bat is known to feast on cycad plants in Guam, which is poisonous to human. It means, we have an occasional craving for bat meat, we should be aware that some of the bats in the Pacific region are not safe for human consumption.

In general, we will continue to have a love affair with all those interesting food and the demand for exotic meats will continue to increase. The world is blessed with diverse and exciting cuisines.