Humans have loved paintings since ancient times, and there is no historical evidence about exactly when humans started painting.

One thing which all the experts agree on is that creating paintings has been one of the most popular activities of mankind for thousands of years.


The uses of paintings are numerous,

and humans have used these beautiful creative pieces for decoration,

to express their thoughts, and to impress others.

One of the basic purposes of making paintings is to convey a message in the picture form.

Most artists believe that pictures are more powerful than words,

because they have the ability to send clear messages to all segments of the society.

 Why To Purchase a Painting

Often people ask why they should buy paintings; though paintings are important in the modern society,

there are still people who wonder why paintings are important,

and why they have to spend thousands of dollars on these art pieces.

Whether you are buying paintings to décor your home,

or you want to invest money, the paintings are always worth it.

If you are buying them as an investment for the future, keep in mind that this is a very secure investment, because no one sees the value of the painting depreciating.

Besides that, you don’t need to do any kind of maintenance when you buy a painting, which you are always required to do with any other kind of investment.

If you are buying paintings for decoration purpose, you already know that paintings are never out of fashion, so they will be a good decoration for a long time, if not forever.

 Styles and Themes of Paintings

When we say paintings, we are actually talking about a broad idea, as there are countless styles and themes of painting.

These paintings are created with a variety of different materials such as oil, canvas, and cardboard. The size of paintings also vary according to the theme of the painting.

A few of popular painting styles are abstract art, realism, impressionism, cubism, and decorative.

Each of these styles has several sub-styles; therefore, we can say that “painting” is a very broad concept.

Abstract art is used to communicate human feelings through texture, color, and shapes. Another popular painting theme representational painting.

 Paintings are extremely important for us as humans because we can express our thoughts through these colors and shapes.

When we paint, it does not mean to create a picture; rather the idea is that you have to create an idea.

The artist tries to create him or herself with that painting. The creative sense of a person is extremely important to remain positive about life.

Some people create paintings just to avoid their daily life stress, and they do it successfully.

Even if you are not an artist yourself, when you buy paintings for the purpose of decoration, it shows your creative sense.

These are just a few advantages of the paintings, but it is hard to explain in a few lines why paintings are important for us.

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