Most people have fond childhood memories of sliding down the fireman’s pole, swinging as high as you could get and running around the playground playing cops and robbers.

Today’s generation of young children are just starting out on making these kinds of memories, but although they are fun, the playground also has other roles that children may not be aware of.

Studies have proven that playgrounds play an essential part in children’s development, physically, socially, and mentally.

Although they might not realize it, while they are enjoying themselves they are also learning essential skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Below is a short guide to why bespoke playgrounds are so beneficial for younger children.

A newer style of playground equipment

Appropriate Physical Development

Playground equipment designed specifically for 0-5 year olds is very important in aiding the physical development of the child.

If the equipment were too advanced, particularly in size, it would simply overwhelm and be unsafe for younger children to use.

Therefore they could not play on it, damaging their self-development and hampering physical and mental development.

Playground equipment that is designed specifically for younger children helps them develop physically by challenging their abilities in a safe environment.

They are able to climb, slide, swing and explore playground equipment appropriate for their age.

Overall, bespoke playground equipment can really help children develop physically at the appropriate level for their age.

Encourages Interaction with Peers

Another of the reasons why bespoke playground equipment is so important for young children is because it encourages them to interact with their peers.

The playground can sometimes be the first place young children encounter others their age, and the social skills developed at that early age are essential for the rest of their lives.

Playground equipment like this is great for encouraging interaction with peers

Whether they are helping each other to climb up to the slide or build a castle in the sand pit, the playground is a very important place for a child’s social skills to develop.

With age appropriate equipment, children are more likely to work together and interact with each other while having a fun time. 

Encourages Self-Development

Equipment that has been designed specifically for younger children also has quite a big impact on their inner development.

Self-confidence is a very important quality that needs to be developed as a child but the good news is this can easily be achieved.

Bespoke playground equipment helps to build a child’s confidence as they can play easily as well as undertake challenges that they can overcome.

When a child completes a challenge in the playground, such as swinging across monkey bars, their self-confidence immediately grows, helping them develop important personality traits for later life.  

Appropriate Mental Development

Finally, bespoke playground equipment is also essential for young children as it helps their mental development.

According to reports, the best way children learn is through motor activities and sensory experiences.

The first 6 years of a person’s life are the most important for brain development, so the more motor and sensory activities they partake in the better.

The playground is the perfect place to take part in such activities.

Professionals take into consideration exactly what kind of mental stimulation youngsters need, and thus bespoke playground equipment is designed with this in mind.

This results in playground equipment that encourages and helps a child’s mental development very effectively.


Bespoke playground equipment is very important for young children as it helps them develop physically, emotionally, socially and mentally.

The specific design for children of a certain age range creates equipment that will really help bring out the best and help them develop to their maximum potential.

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Written by Nathan Griffiths who is interested in child development.