If you’re a disabled homeowner, you likely face challenges in navigating your home and in the general upkeep of your property.

If you meet certain requirements, however, there may be grant assistance available for you.

Are You Eligible For A Disabled Homeowner's Grant

The federal government and private agencies offer several grant programs to make your home more accessible for you.

Read on to learn whether you meet the requirements to apply for a disabled grant.

Available Programs & Eligibility Requirements

HUD Home Grants

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers several grants that are designed to assist low-income homeowners in making repairs that are important to the safety of their homes.

One such grant program specifically assists disabled homeowners who need to add wheelchair ramps, lifts and other accessibility features to their existing homes.

Eligible recipients must show proof that they own and reside in the home, that they are physically disabled and that they meet the income standards to be considered a low-income household.

These grant funds may be used for any home improvement project that is designed to remove an obstacle that threatens the disabled owner’s ability to live independently.

VA Specially Adapted Housing Grants

The federal government also offers home improvement grant assistance to disabled individuals through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Through the Specially Adapted Housing Program, disabled veterans can receive financial assistance to make their homes more functional and to improve their personal mobility.

Recipients must be veterans of the Armed Forces, and prove both physical disability and ownership of their primary residence.

These funds can be used for lifts, wheelchair ramps and accessibility, and to make kitchens and bathrooms more functional.

Handi Ramp Grants

A private non-profit organization called the Handi Ramp Foundation has been providing wheelchair ramps and lifts to qualifying applicants since 2006.

The Handi Ramp company actually manufactures the equipment they install, providing homeowners with specialized attention in increasing their mobility in their own homes.

Recipients of Handi Ramp grants must prove that they rely on the use of a wheelchair and that they have demonstrated financial need.

Awarded funds are used specifically for wheelchair ramp installation outside homes and lift installation inside homes.

What Can I Do With Disabled Homeowner Grant Funds?

Depending upon the particular grant or grants you are eligible for, awarded funds can be used in a multitude of ways to improve your use and enjoyment of your own home.

Wheelchair ramps important for entering and exiting the home and lifts designed to reach bedrooms on the second floor are the most common home improvements made by disabled homeowners.

Many also choose to widen doorways for increased wheelchair access,

lower kitchen counters and cabinets so they can be accessed from a wheelchair, or install special toilet and bathtub features that increase the homeowner’s safety and security.

Regardless of your individual home improvement needs, there is likely a public or private disability grant program that can offer you the assistance you need.

Visit the websites for each program listed above to learn more about eligibility and fund use as you work toward greater accessibility and mobility in your home.

Marie Lennon is a freelance blogger who writes on home improvements