We are already in the second decade of the 21st century, but we still hear occasional amusing tales from help desk operators. They still encounter laptop owners who think that the CD tray is a coffee cup holder. Help desk and tech support employees are intelligent individuals, who know how to take logical approaches to problems. Their clients can be anyone from a factory staff to high-ranking CEOs. They specialize in greeting and communicating with people, who expect to get quick solutions to their computer issues. Just like cars, computers would eventually fail and refuse to work properly.

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A very common occurrence is when the computer refuses to start. In this case, computer users should be able to define possible causes of problems before contacting the help desk staff. Handling issues in laptops and desktop PC can be different and require specific approaches. In fact, some consumers need to understand about the difference between monitors and the actual computer unit. In essence, computer is a box that handles all the workings, with multiple cables attaches and a drawer-like object that we can use to insert DVD. It also has USB connectors and older models still have floppy drives. Other than hard disk, computer boxes also contain processor, as the actual brain and RAM, which is comparable to short-term memory. Monitor is not the actual computer unit and its job is only to display information transmitted from the computer box.

When the entire computer arrangement refuses to work, it is important to know whether it is already connected to the power source. When there are no noises or lights from the monitor and computer box, it is very possible that the actual cause is the absence of power. In many cases, family members have unplugged the computer to use the vacuum. If the power cable is plugged to the wall, there’s a possibility that it isn’t connected at the other end, because we may have slightly pushed or pulled the computer box or the monitor unit. In more than half of the cases, this simple step will remedy the problem.

It is necessary to understand lights on the monitor, yellow means that the monitor is connected to the power source, but gets no data from the computer. When the light is green, it means that all is working properly. Monitors typically have a power button, some on the back; but mostly on the front. We should try to push it to make sure that the monitor is properly switched on.

If the monitor has yellow light, the obvious step is to check the cable data connection between the monitor and the computer box. We should make sure that both ends are connected securely. However, some monitors draw power directly from the computer box, instead from the wall socket; so we should know what cable to check. In general, the monitor is connected with a smaller cable that has 15-pin connectors. Any IT staff in offices would agree that these are the most common solutions for computers that refuse to work.