Archie Griffin the Ohio State’s Hall of Fame has tasted victory twice in the Heisman Trophy history. Johnny Manziel the Texas A&M quartberback was reported by LSU’s defense will not able to pull off repeat. The Manziel who rebukes the SEC has transformed amazingly while defending against John Chavis the coordinator. As we all know the latter is considered below average while the former is considered to be one of the perfect quarterbacks prevailing in the latest history of college football.

In the struggle for the 2013 Heisman title the two of their co-leading team has set back their victory because Manziel has lost the match third time and Oregon Quarterback has slipped the victory second time. And Bryce Petty of Baylor the quarterback, who was ranking within the top 5 contestants, also had lost the race in a tremendous manner, last Saturday.

Marcus Mariota

Adding to the melodrama is the Jameis Winston who was once considered the state Florida’s precious quarterback is now under the investigations of guilty of sexual assault. And all these above factors have immensely generated extra spaces at the Heisman’s for any number of new fresh talented candidates to emerge into the limelight.

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is one such promising candidate with increasing support at his wonderful recent success. McCarron exceptional victory has gained him exotic fame and is working hard to earn the three national titles in a straight row according to which he would exceed even his own statistical output eventually.

But in reality there are favorable circumstances existing for unexpected team to steal the show in the 2013 Heisman history. At this rate the race is inclining towards untraditional line because of the straying Heisman voting victory is stretched outside the usual routine catches exclusively.

From the year 2005, Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan, the one and only non-AQ player has always strived hard to acquire the top 5 position. Amongst the hundreds of players only the Arkansas’ Darren McFadden who played in the year 2007 and Stanford’s Toby Gerhart who played in 2009, have always achieved to get the title despite the fact that they represented a team that had less than 9 victories.

During the voting conducted last year Lynch became the one amongst the top 10. Despite the marvelous start vejtured by the Huskies the voters might be sentimentally trickling the order of the Heisman. During the Heisman ceremony to be held on December is likely to spread evenly the votes between the two amazing players the Carr and Lynch exclusively!