Desert vacation is among the distinctive attributes of Rajasthan and Jaisalmer is the undisputed hottest location when it comes for this category of tourism. Like the tourists who are intrigued by great monuments of the city, the sand dunes of Rajasthan has a huge array of surprises to offer to its travelers. Let’s take a look at one such amazing place to enjoy the best of desert atmosphere in Rajasthan.

Located about 50 km from the splendid city of Jaisalmer, the Desert Camping is a luxurious resort for the travellers who want go beyond the normal and enjoy their wanderlust thoughts. The joy of discovering desert while appreciating a regal remedy might be rightly satisfied here. All that you need to get the most effective experience of the Indian deserts is easily accessible here, whether you want to try a camel safari or camping in the sands under the starry skies. The nocturnal delights while your stay in the Rajputana Desert Camp would surely be an unforgettable memory for you. As a component of the Regal Resort Team, the Rajputana Desert Camp continues to be running since the year 2011. Jaisalmer being one of the major tourist destinations of Rajasthan, going for desert camping experience is surely memorable from all facets. There are several Rajasthan desert tour packages that you can find in leading travel operators portfolios. Opt for one and step inside a different world.

It had been the concept of the Maharaja of Jaisalmer to produce the idea of desert camping and lodging when they went for their hunting runs. The royal group used to setup luxurious tent lodgings, consisting of all royal equipments of housing and lodging. Some even say that the Maharaja also showcased several forms of entertainments like a grand supper, fire show, sword fights and tribal dance.

While Maharaja and his charade had their fun, you surely need not to be disappointed. The desert camping will offer you a regal solace with all the prestigious. With about 30 luxurious tents for the travellers plus a special draw of a regal dinner event, you’ll be left mesmerized with the hospitality. For the entertainment purposes, there’s a whole lot of musical bonanza and tribal activities, which you can appreciate sitting near a bonfire and enjoying the regional snacks. The camel desert safari would just take you into the further sections of the desert dunes. The jeep safari is intended for people who wish to have a thrilling type of experience observing the dunes.

You’ll always find a group of skilled professionals who would do every bit to provide you with ideal extravagance at minimum costs. You’ll be thrilled to benefit from the exclusive safaris and camping in just about any area of the deserts of Rajasthan. The special desert dream package is truly a lifetime experience which includes supper, nighttime keep, normal welcome, refreshments, folk-music and dance, camp-fire, camel safari and breakfast to the following morning. So, if you’re looking for some places to visit in Rajasthan in 3 days of the weekend, experiencing the desert camping is surely a fun way to enjoy.