Eyelid surgery or also called as blepharoplasty is perhaps one of the most typical procedures needed by people who are having issues with their eyelids particularly dropping eyelids, which can surely cause vision problem particularly for older individuals.

Why Consider Eyelid Surgery?

How Long Is The Eyelid Surgery Scar Healing Time

Eyelid surgery is the best solution to drooping eyelids. This procedure removes and tightens the excess skin within the eyelid area, which can surely provide you a more youthful and attractive appearances. Blepharoplasty is an effective method to remove excess muscles, skin and even fat from lower and upper eyelids. In certain cases, you may need to remove the skin but not the eyelid muscle or you might be required to done only on one or both eyelids, which also depends on your needs. One important legwork when undergoing eyelid surgery is to know the eyelid surgery scar healing time.

How Long is Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time?

Just like any procedure, eyelid surgery scar is also very common. This is something that you have to keep in mind in order for you to know what to expect while you are waiting for your recovery. The healing time for an eyelid surgery may differ according to the type of upper eyelid surgery that you had. But most of all, the eyelid surgery scar healing depends according to patient. For example, if you will not follow the doctor’s order chances are you will not recover on the time that you expect.

During the first few days is very crucial especially the first 24-78 hours. You have to follow every doctor’s order in order to make sure that your healing time is just right on the schedule. First few days will require you to apply cold compress in the area to prevent swelling and bruising in the area especially around the eyes. Light activity like walking and other simple exercise is very useful to speed up the recovery. Usually, thin bandages are placed in the incision and will be removed after a few days. The stitches used are mostly self-absorbing, so no need for the doctor to remove them as they will just disappear as time goes by.

Fast Recovery

When you are on your way to recovery from eyelid surgery, always remember also to wear the right eyewear or sunglasses that can protect the eyelids from the extreme sunlight and ultra-violet rays. This move is important particularly if most of your activities are outdoors. Meanwhile, to cut the expense, you may avail droopy eyelid surgery medicare.

Extreme exposure to the sun can surely cause complication like scarring, which you do not want to happen right? You may need to apply some special cream or ointments that are intended for the eyelid surgery scar. These products are intended to erase the scar due to the incision of the surgery.

If you can follow the surgeon’s order, you can now go back to your normal day-to-day activity in just 10 days. On the other hand, if you will not follow the recommendation, do not expect that you can return in just few days.

Rounding up, you must not only focus on the eyelid surgery cost when you are planning to have those drooping eyelids incised by the surgeon’s blade. Other important considerations include choosing the right surgeon with right applicable skills. Eyelid surgery is the best option if you are experiencing dropping or sagging eyelids, but make sure to know how to speed up the recovery time.