If you work out regularly, you already know about exercise’s many benefits. Regular exercise can reduce stress, improve sleep, fight aging, remove toxins, clear the mind, keep muscles and joints strong, and improve balance. But when you are injured during a workout or athletic event, you may be sidelined for days, weeks or even months. This is when you may find yourself visiting an orthopedic specialist to learn about the best ways to rehabilitate and recover from your injury. This article can give you insight on the best way to help you rehabilitate your body after a sports injury.

The Best Ways To Rehabilitate A Sports Injury

For Ankle Sprains

The ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries sustained during a workout or athletic activity. Use these points to rehabilitate your ankle after a sprain.

  • RICE. RICE stands for “rest, ice, compression, elevation.” Do this until visible signs of swelling have significantly reduced.
  • Begin range of motion exercises. Begin these on the first day the swelling is visibly reduced. The best exercises include ankle circles (only as long as there’s no pain) and calf raises (place toes on the edge of a stair step and lift your calves).
  • Continue resting as much as possible. Only when you can move throughout your normal (non-workout) activities without ankle pain is it safe to resume your exercise.

For Tennis Elbow

Joints can be especially problematic to rehabilitate. The reason for this is that joints are used for so many other activities in addition to workouts. With tennis elbow, the major tendon in the elbow joint has been pulled or injured. The following can help your injured elbow.

  • RICE. Once again, rest, ice, compression and elevation are important initial steps.
  • Early treatment is critical. WebMD suggests that the sooner you begin treatment for tennis elbow, the faster and more successful treatment will take effect.
  • Anti-inflammatory agents. Taking over-the-counter or prescription anti-inflammatory agents can ease the pain and help the tendon heal faster.

For Groin Muscle Pulls

A sprain to the groin muscle is guaranteed to cause discomfort. You may be shocked by how many movements require the assistance of your inner thigh muscles until you’re injured. These tips can help you rehabilitate the region.

  • RICE. Wait until all swelling has receded before attempting rehabilitation exercises. As well, anti-inflammatory medication can help ease pain and reduce healing time.
  • Do light exercise at first. If you’ve ever attempted to do the splits, you can visualize one of the most helpful exercises — the straddle stretch. Sit on the floor and open your legs into a small “V,” then lean forward. If at any time it feels forced, stop immediately.

Ankle sprains, tennis elbow and groin muscle pulls are three of the most common sports-related injuries. With these tips, you can get back to your workouts with less pain and recovery time.

About the Author: Morgan Dutch is a health and fitness blogger.