One reason we dread a visit to a Surrey dentist is the strange sounds and tools that look a little scary. The best way to remove some of those feelings is to have an understanding of just what each instrument’s is used for. Below is a brief explanation of the dental tools and their function to remove some of the mystery.

A Brief Guide To Dental Tools

Mouth Mirror

Probably the least threatening of all the instruments quite simply it’s a round mirror attached to a metal stick.It allows the dentist to see in areas of the mouth that otherwise might be hidden from view and spot any potential problems. Another way it’s useful is to move the tongue out of the way or push the inside of the cheek without using their hands.

Sickle Probe

This is the most scary of all the instruments consisting of a long metal handle and sharp looking hook on the end it’s known as the dental explorer. Useful for finding signs of cavities and periodontal ( gum ) disease, dentists can explore the pockets between teeth while scraping away tartar and plaque buildup.


Even daily oral care can’t remove all the tartar and plaque buildup and the dentist uses this tool for removal of greater buildup. It can be uncomfortable but in the end it prevents losing the teeth to decay.

Saliva Ejector or Suction Device

A suction device is a long tube attached to a vacuum that keeps saliva from the mouth during treatment. If water is used to rinse you may regularly be asked to close your mouth to help the device clear the mouth of water.

Dental Drill

Topping the list of frightening sounds is the dental drill used to remove dental decay prior to filling a cavity. The vibration can feel uncomfortable but there should be no pain associated with the local anaesthetic administered.

Dental Syringe

As a necessary part of any dental procedure the extra long needle is used to administer the anaesthetic and the one we fear the most. The best plan if you hate needles is to just close your eyes and remember it’s preventing you feeling any pain.


If you need a crown, cap or mouthguard having a mold made is needed for proper fitting. The unpleasant taste and awkward feeling of the tray in your are done with quickly fortunately.

Taking the mystery out of the dental instruments will make your next dental visit less scary, why not call our office at Guilford Dental and book your appointment today.