End-of-life care is a health care which is concerned with taking care of those people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness condition which means that the illness is advanced, progressive and incurable. It may be a palliative care at the beginning which could lead to hospice care at later stages.

End-of-life care has changed the way people see terminal illness. This unique type of health care has asserted the notion that people can improve their quality of life even in the last few months and can live according to their personal wishes, goals and beliefs. Hospice care, a part of end-of- life care uses a team of highly skilled & committed clinicians and state-of the-art medicine regime to alleviate pain and other troubling symptoms related to terminal illness.

In recent years the use of end-of-life care services has risen sharply. A good number of private insurance plans and managed care organizations provide some kind of hospice coverage these days; mostly in those cases where a physician has certified that the patient has six months or less to live.

End-of-life Care Improving Quality Of Life Of Terminally ill Patients

Palliative care is related to those processes that relieve or alleviate pain and stress that arise because of a serious illness. This type of care is also given to patients that are going through a curative treatment for a serious illness. In cases of terminal illness, it is used in conjunction with the hospice care to provide a holistic & rewarding end-of-life care.

An effective end-of-life care program seamlessly connects different locations and care providers together to provide the best possible patient care. Generally, a terminally ill patient has a primary physician, a specialist, in-home care personnel, and may be other therapists too; he/she also has to frequently move between facilities such as hospitals, physician’s office, nursing homes, ICU, rehabilitation facility etc.

Family caregivers get overwhelmed by all these activities and need assistance to hold it all together. This is where end-of-life services prove to be extremely helpful as they provide emotional & spiritual support to the patient and family as well as take care of all associated activities. In-home care services are also immensely useful in this regard as they provide help with the activities of daily living (ADL) and companionship services both of which are helpful in improving quality of life of the patient. There are some in-home care companies in Essex, New Jersey, that work with end-of-life care agencies to provide extra layer of support to terminally ill patients.

End-of-life care is contingent on the choices made by the terminally ill patients regarding the methods of treatment. They can only go for those treatments that alleviate the pain & stress and allow them to remain lucid enough to interact with their family and friends. Essex, New Jersey, has some excellent end-of-life care service programs that are immensely helpful in improving quality of life of terminally ill patients.

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