If you are hungry, you can easily stop the car and eat in a road side cafe. Are you confused with where to stop and what to eat? It’s not a problem at all if you have picked a car from rentalcars24h. They have many attractive offers and you often shouldn’t pay for GPS and other additional equipment in a rental car. But what if you are in a hurry and cannot stop your car to eat before the flight? Do you like eating in a plane? There are many people who eat business lunches with pleasure. Others turn their backs from the reheat food. What about you?



WHY Are You Afraid Eating in a Plane?

When you are flying, the air in a plane is often dry because of the high area. It’s like you are skiing from the highest mountain on one of the popular European ski resorts. Let’s think. What makes you to try one or another dish? Of course, it depends on how it looks and smells. Our perception drops down when we are in the sky. Also, it is difficult for us to distinguish salt, sugar, sour food. Humming sound makes you feel bitter flavors the most.

So, what food is the best to taste in a plane? Is there something to say YES and NO?

Draufsicht von Bandnudeln mit Pesto und geriebenem Käse


Say YES to:


  1. Curry and spicy food

Spicy food tastes especially good. Why? Spices stimulate your trifacial nerve, making you feel how your food tastes sand smells. That’s why the food you eat in a plane seems to be tasteless if it is not spicy. Don’t overdo!

  1. Tomatoes, mushrooms, parmesan

These ingredients are full of nucleotides that make your food tastes more intensive, especially when they are combined with sea food. That’s why all big airlines always serve fish with tomatoes, mushrooms, and chips to their clients.

  1. Lemon vinegar and Dijon mustard

It doesn’t mean you have to eat mustard spiced with vinegar. Not at all! It is better to flavor your dishes with lemon vinegar or soft Dijon mustard. They make your food more attractive.

  1. Nuts and crackers

Of course, nuts are not recommended to eat if you are a person with an allergy. Also, it is not good to open a pack of nuts seating next to a person with an allergy. But you can always take nutty cookies, wafers, and crackers with a cup of tea or juice. Nuts make you feel full.

Top view of flat lay with peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips and coffee



  1. Spicy Bloody Mary

Are you surprised? You know everything about what is recommended to eat in a plane. What about drinks? If you want some alcohol, you can try Bloody Mary. This cocktail is always in the board menu. It is especially tasty to drink it spiced. Why? Lemon, chili, Worcester souse intensify the taste of tomatoes. Your cocktail tastes brighter.

  1. Water

It sounds boring but, naturally, people drink much water. Air trip dehydrates you a lot. Try to drink more water to replenish a water loss. It is important to do it regularly on the go. You may use bottled water or take some water in a plane.

  1. Champagne

Sour food or drinks are needed. It stimulates your receptors and your food tastes great! Champagne is a good occasion to meet someone and celebrate.

  1. Green tea

Do you remember that green tea should be done with 80°C water? That’s great! This is a maximum temperature you can get in a plane at a great height. Besides, green tea is rather healthy drink.



Say NO to:

  1. Macaroni

This is not a kind of food you should try in a plane. Why? As you already know, pasta becomes soft and tasteless when you eat it in a plane. Try to take some sour or spicy souse with your pasta.

  1. Ice

Icy drinks are not popular in a plane. They are not recommended to drink. Ice usually dulls taste in mouth.

  1. Red wine

Red wine contains tannins. They can be intensified under the air pressure. So that your favorite red Bordeaux tastes bitter.

  1. Watered coffee and dieter’s tea

What about coffee? As we all know, bitter taste can be intensified in a plane. So your strong coffee becomes too bitter. That’s why airlines used to water coffee and make it softer. If you are fan of strong espresso, you should wait for the arrival.

  1. Chicken

Chicken meat becomes dry and hard when it is served in a plane. It must be a big disaster for passengers who prefer food to meat. It is better to order a fish sandwich.

If you are on the go and want to keep a diet, you can spend some time and search for information about what food is good to eat in a plane and what is not. It is important because high air pressure makes your food taste differently. Remember, your favorite dish from the restaurant tastes different when you eat it in a plane.