The best pension plans have more to do with lifestyle than savings, revealed a study. Surprised? Let us try and understand this statement.

Save Future Expenditure

“What are the major sources of post retirement expenditure?” asks an expert from Washington DC. The answer is but obvious. The major expenditure that retired men and women undergo is on health. Now if a lifestyle deemed very healthy is maintained from the beginning, then these supposed post retirement expenditures on health vanish in a second. This seems to be the logic that drives the standpoint that saving future expenditure is more of a lifestyle issue than actual financial savings itself.

lifestyle retirement planningAs the study itself mentions in the summary section, the society is changing for the better. There is immense stress on a healthy lifestyle today so much so that it has become a fashion statement to complete exercises in the morning before work begins. The people have begun to religiously follow a good lifestyle that will be more likely to help them when they hang up their boots as compared to the money they save while working way too hard for their health to take.

What Constitutes Good Lifestyle?

Another study indicated that there are four factors that go on to quantify and qualify the nature of a lifestyle, differentiating between the good and the bad. Firstly, habits such as smoking. Non-smoking is known to be the paramount feature of a bare minimum healthy lifestyle. Secondly, the eating habits come in. The in thing seems to be the fundamental view that neither fasting nor feasting is good for the health. A study in circulation recently indicated that both excessive and minimum eating habits are clearly unhealthy. One must include in the diet things that work best for the body under the given circumstances.

Regular walking and other similar exercises have been deemed to be of great use by even medical specialists who say that they not only tone the body to an optimum shape but ensure that all the bodily systems are robust and running at the right pace. This includes the respiratory and the digestive systems and arterial routes among other things.

Pax and the Joggers Club

We hear from a bird, the story of Pax. Pax was a former boxer who started a joggers club with the aim of introducing a better lifestyle to people. The Cathedral Hill Medical Club joggers club as it was called has since worked wonders drawing crowds from distant areas including those in San Francisco to work in tandem with the club for achieving a good lifestyle.

Such initiatives and findings only go on to reinforce what the basic codes of human conduct say. Nothing in excess is good neither is austerity. The ideal life is only a jog in the park away. A run a day keeps the doctors away which in turns keeps the post retirement life healthy happy and great.