You want to have a flat and toned tummy? Well friends, exercise, lots of exercise! While general physical exercise (jogging, walking, biking, playing sports, etc.) helps burn calories and keep the line, there are specific exercises that specifically are responsible for removing abdominal fat and tone those muscles as desired. In this article I will tell you what some of the best exercises for abs.

I know many people are really lazy or have very little time to step in the gym, but I assure you that fulfilling these exercises even in their homes every day are going to get noticeable results. The effort will be worth it!

Oblique Cycling

Lie down on a mat facing up. About your knees to your chest and lift the shoulder blades off the floor. By force to the abdomen try your left elbow touch your right knee while moving your legs like you’re riding a bicycle in the air. Then, on your right elbow to the left knee and so on until several series. They are the obliques but with a leg movement that perfectly complements the work of the muscles of the whole area abdominal classics. Experts that this is one of the best exercises to strengthen the abdomen. Let’s do it!

Captains Chair

The captain’s chair is a device that you can find in almost all gyms, similar to a high chair without a seat. Stand on the chair, rests your forearms on armrests and try to elevate your legs together with your knees pointing up. Lower legs, but without ever touching the floor to raise them again. Keep arms firm in the armrest provides support for the entire body, so that the force is fully exercised by your abdominal muscles. It is another recommended exercise! Although note that it is not for beginners.

On a Ball

Doing crunches on an exercise ball is much more effective than them on the floor, because the muscles do all the work without help from the legs.

Abdominals Vertical Legs

Lie down on a mat, place your legs up with knees slightly bent, forming an L with your body. With the strength of the abdominal lift your body as if you wanted to bring the chest to the knees. This exercise is ideal for exercising the abdominal, the main muscle in the area, and obliques.

Abdominals Flexed Legs

Lie on a mat with arms outstretched and palms of hands resting. Bring your knees to your chest and keep your feet pointing up. Lift hips off the floor in minimal movement, like you want to rest your feet on the ceiling. This is a very good exercise for the lower abs, which are difficult to work.