Whether you manage a residential complex or a commercial complex you can greatly benefit from service lifts. Service lifts are related to the dumbwaiter family. They are prominently used in households and restaurants and have a history as far back as the 1920s. During those times, the service lifts were small and used pulley systems for operation. This also lent itself to the machine being silent, small, and efficient. The idea of a dumbwaiter was to reduce staircase congestion. It afforded users a means of delivering goods between floors. This system gave way to the modern service lifts we use today.

The Benefits Of Using Service Lifts

Service lifts can now be used to connect different levels in a commercial and residential building. They can be used to transport otherwise heavy loads that cannot be transported with a regular lift. This means they can fit within a wide range of locations including garages and libraries. In essence, they are used to frequently move things when the weight is over 150 kg.

When you incorporate service lifts into a facility you get the benefit of automatically complying with manual handling regulations which state that you must avoid the manual handling of heavy weights which would otherwise cause harm to employees. The use of a service lift is the best compliance to this regulation and it allows you to transport items which would otherwise be unachievable with alternative methods such as fragmenting your cargo into smaller portions.

Incorporating service lifts as a means of complying with manual regulations means reducing health claims and insurance payouts. Additionally, your business can reduce the miscellaneous costs which arise from accidents related to handling heavy items. When you do this you increase your profit margins with minimal effort.

The Benefits Of Using Service Lifts

Service lifts act as a mechanical replacement to human transportation which means you can deliver raw materials to various floors in a factory or home, or take products away. You can transport items efficiently and tirelessly and thereby remove any strenuous exertion on behalf of your employees and the need for increased breaks to recover. This increases the efficiency and productivity of your employees as well.

Another benefit to installing service lifts is the machine can replace a handful of employees that you would otherwise have to maintain. You can reduce any struggle you have with production and production costs. The service lift you opt to install should be based on the speed needs and payload needs of your company. The payload section is based on the heaviest weight you expect to lift while operation speed is based on the time in which you need the items delivered. Speed is only an issue when you plan to transport numerous loads, in which case frequency must be considered.

Overall, installing a service lift can improve the lives of your employees, cut down on company costs, and improve the efficiency of moving heavy loads up and down your building.

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