Are you looking for a beautiful holiday destination where you can learn combat sport? If yes then Thailand is the best option for you to travel and discover various techniques of the martial art. There are many tourist places to visit like White sand beach, art gallery, night clubs etc. You will also see various Muay thai training camps in the Thailand because Muay thai is a famous and national sport of the Thailand.

 About Muay thai:-

This sport is known by the other name also i.e. Thai Boxing. This sport was developed during Sukhothai era by the Siamese army. Some foreigners also labeled it as “Siam boxing”. There are two types of Muay thai techniques i.e. major and minor techniques. A thai boxer uses most of the body parts like elbow, fists, legs and knees to defeat combatant. He also focuses on self defense and reacts rapidly to block attacks. The popularity of thai boxing is increasing day by day due to various health benefits like:

• Body fitness:-

If you are overweight and want to lose weight then you should practice Muay thai exercises. The excessive calories will be burnt with the intense workouts resulting in reduced fat and lean body. Thus thai boxing plays a great role in body fitness.

• Increase in core strength:-

The various tactics of this art also lead to increase in the strength of various muscles like pelvic muscles, back muscles etc. With the help of strong muscles, you can easily perform any activity. If you are fond of gymnastics then you can make various positions with great ease.

• Improved cardiovascular performance:-

The physical activities involved in thai boxing also have cardiovascular benefits as it increases the blood flow in your body and heart can pump more oxygenated blood and transfer it to the various body organs. Thus it will give you more energy and your heart will also remain healthy for a long time.

• Stress free life:-

It also helps you in living stress free life by making you emotionally stable. While practicing Muay thai, some positive changes occur in certain hormones like serotonin, dopamine which relaxes your mind as well as your body and makes you feel happy.

• Self-confidence:-

Thai boxing also teaches you about self defense techniques. Especially Women and children should join this training camp so that they can be well prepared in case of worst situations. Thus it will introduce self confidence among them.

• Self–discipline:-

When you will follow the rules and regulations of this martial art then it will create discipline quality in your nature. You will have a focused mind and can achieve your target successfully. It will also stop you from taking impulsive decision.

As you can see various physical as well as mental advantages of doing Muay thai with muaythai-camp-Thailand , so you should join this training camp. During training, you will also be taught shadow boxing, dealing with punching bags and striking pads. Thus you will learn so many things besides having health benefits.