Are you waiting for some of the meal schedule that can make you lose a decent weight within a short phase of time? If you are then a neat and clean diet chart is essential for you and that must cover the full day starting from the beginning of the day with breakfast and ends at dinner. Here is a perfect chart, and you can go to Gymjunkies article here, which you have to follow for a week can help you lose 5 pounds with meal. The entire meal is going to give you a balanced 1400 calories a day. Just check out the complete list.

How To Lose Weight Although Eating Healthy Stuffs

Breakfast within 400 Calorie

Start your day with a breakfast that is going to give you 400 calories. It will include two plates in it:

  • Add low fat blueberry and over it give ½ English muffin over it. Serve the plate with peanut butter, which will not be more than 2 TSP.
  • Take two packets of oatmeal and add 1 and 1/3 cups of milk. The milk must be fat free to support your dish. Dried cranberries worth 2 TSP must be mixed with it and taken in the breakfast.

The two dishes that will be served have not more than 400 calories in them. That will be ideal for your breakfast. So if you deduct 400 calories from the total 1400 calories meal that is going to help you lose 5 pounds with meal, only 1000 calorie is left over.

Lunch and Dinner within 500 Calories Each

For dinner and lunch, here are some of the plates. Each of them is worth 500 calories. So consume any of them so that you do not have to consume the same foods every day.

  • Tilapia-Rice – Here you need 1 TSP olive oil, 3-ounce fillet of Tilapia, salt, pepper, ½ cup rice and ½ cum snapped peas. The olive oil has to be warmed and the entire cooking is to be done in that. After the preparation, add a medium baked apple and 1 TSP brown sugar with 1/3 cup of ice-cream (nothing other than vanilla). The dish is spicy enough and you will love the tasty yummy dish, with 500 calories only.
  • Asparagus and Pork chop – You can fry a chop of pork in the frying pan with 1 TSP olive oil and then serve the entire thing mixed with 1 cup of asparagus. The taste can be enhanced with pea butter (2 TSP), pepper and ½ cup of delicious raspberries. The taste will be yummy one and you will love that although you will consume only 500 calories.

Here are some of the awesome dishes that are going to make your appetite filled, yet keep your lunch and dinner menu within 500 calories. You can prepare them all in your home, just with the recipes.

  • Lentil soup served on coconut chicken
  • Greek Frittata with egg and cheese
  • Reddish lentil soup with fresh cilantro

All the dishes that are mentioned above are of excellent food quality. They are easy to be prepared at your home and all are having a calorie support not more than 500. So, you are going to enjoy the food and yet you can effectively lose 5 pounds with meal.