People of all sexes suffer from increased weight during the middle of their lives. However, women are more prone especially with the onset of menopause. It is attributed to the changes that take place in their hormones. The weight gain is usually inevitable. It is because, during menopause, most women have finished with their parenting cares. The long stay at home with less work on their hands leads them to have an inactive life. Lack of activity can result in an increase in weight. Retirement from work can also cause the increase in weight as one will be less active than they were while they were working. These lifestyle changes contribute to the increase in weight as there is low metabolism in the body. Other factors contributing to this gain include the age of the woman. However, research indicates that it is possible to achieve loss of weight during menopause. The following tips will allow you to go through menopause without weight issues bombarding your mind.

Check Your Diet

Intake of too many calories during menopause can be one reason for the increase in weight gain. As women advance in age, they lose their calories as well as the muscle mass. However, this should not be a reason to increase your calories. It is important to track your intake of the calories to avoid going overboard. You can also begin by reducing the intake of calories on a daily basis. For instance, reducing your intake of calories by 500g can be beneficial. It can lead to loss of 1 pound in every week. However, one should maintain on a day to day basis, 1200 calories. Checking the health product reviews and Estrobalance is important.

Love Proteins

Proteins offer essential nutrients to our bodies. Particularly of importance, are the proteins during the onset of menopause. It helps in the preservation of the muscle mass in the body. It can combat the problem of losing the lean mass. Research shows intake of 20g of proteins in every meal can protect the muscle mass. It is important to choose intake of lean proteins from the proteins rich in high fats. It can assist with your calories problem. They include eggs, pork, tofu as well as seafood.

Calcium Intake

During menopause, calcium becomes a necessary mineral that should form part of your daily diet. It is found in the majority of the foods but majorly in dairy products. One serving is important on a daily basis. As you advance in age, the gut becomes intolerant to lactose. It is attributed to the bacteria that is exposed to the changes in the body found in the gut. It can lead to increased gas as well as loose stool. In case this is evident, you can use other of dairy products such as yogurts.

Regular Workouts

Inactiveness will always lead to increased weight. However, by having regular exercises ensure that your body remains active. It has various benefits such as boosts in the immune system and reduced blood pressure. For women undergoing menopause, it can help keep your weight in check and reduce the risk to diabetes, cancer of the breast and elevate your levels of mood.

Use of HRT

During menopause, there is usually an increase in the midsections. It occurs only ion women undergoing menopause. HRT is referred to as hormone replacement therapy. It helps in the reduction of the symptoms of menopause. The therapy employs prescriptions such as testosterone as well as estrogen. These have been linked to preventing the increase in the weight of women during menopause. However, care should be taken as this can also lead to other risks. They include stroke as well as heart conditions. It is important to employ the therapy under the supervision of a health practitioner.


It is important before you settle on the method of reducing your weight during menopause to consult your physician. They can advise on the best method to use to reduce the weight gain. It will keep the side effects that are harmful to your health at bay. Ensure that you are keen to the changes in your lifestyle as sedentary lifestyle can lead to an increase in weight. The increase in the abdomen also presents other risks such as diabetes and some cancer.