People love to have a lush green lawn, but how many of you are aware of the benefits of a lawn? It is not just the external beauty of the lawn that matters, as there are a number of other benefits of having a beautiful green lawn. The lawn not only keeps our world green, but there are a number of other advantages of developing a beautiful looking yard by your house. Following are some basic benefits of having a lawn near your house:

Advantages Of Lawns

 Source of Fresh Air and Sunlight

There is nothing that replaces fresh air, and when you have a lawn in your house, you can enjoy the fresh air as well as sunlight. We all know that sunlight is also important for our skin as it is a source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is important to avoid various types of cancer. Besides that, the fresh air and sunlight both are essential for our mental health.

 You can do Gardening

Did you ever imagine having your own fresh vegetables collected directly from your own garden and cooking them? You can get fresh fruits, vegetables, and fresh flowers from your garden and enjoy the freshness. If you love to have butterflies in your garden, you can get plants that are food sources of butterflies and caterpillars.

 Use it For Exercise

When you have a lawn at your home, you can do exercise more often. Often it becomes hard for us to wake up early on the weekends and go for the exercise which is essential to remaining healthy. When you have a lawn, you can actually motivate yourself easily for physical activity. This means when you have your lawn, you will remain healthy and fit. When you do regular exercise you can avoid a lot of health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

 Use it for Social Activities

When you have a lush, green, well-maintained lawn in front of your house, you can enjoy more outdoor activities with your friends and family. You can arrange a picnic or a BBQ dinner in your garden, and enjoy the outdoor experience. People are always more energetic when they are enjoying the outdoors, and have more fun as compared to indoor parties. In other words, your garden becomes a party area where you can invite friends for social activities.

 There are a number of other benefits that come with a lawn. Your lawn is not just a place where you can see the lush green grass, it is something beyond that. The lawn is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle as you can exercise to remain fit, as well as enjoy the benefits of fresh air and sunlight.

Those who have a garden near their house are always ready for outdoor social activities as they have a place ready for them. People who have a lawn in front of their house are generally more active in terms of social activities. One of the biggest benefits of having a garden near the house is that you can reduce your stress while sitting on the green grass breathing in the fresh air.

Sharmi Kam is a passionate gardener. She is well aware about the benefits that a well maintained lawn brings.