A wedding celebration is almost always never complete without wedding photography packages that are set to capture the most essential moments of the bride and groom. Photos taken by professional wedding photographers must have the right feelings that can move viewers. However, this might not be the case for some, unfortunately. In this article, we’ll tackle the 8 most annoying trends in wedding photography.

The 8 Most Annoying Trends In Wedding Photography

1) Too Dramatic

Everyone wants drama as this produces some unforgettable memories out to the table. A photo of the bride or groom’s parents crying is fine but not to the point when the mother’s mascara is highlighted to have gone bad.

2) The Jump Shots

Marriages are supposed to be holy and formal occasions. However there are times when the wedding photography seem to be fond of goofy scenarios. Asking for jump shots is one big example that is now trending. How can the bride, clad in a long-back gown, achieve this? It’s possible for the groom’s pants to be damaged as well. The last thing the wedding couple wants is to have embarrassing photos with awkward poses their children would view in the future.

3) The Faux Vintage Theme

Gone are the days when the television images are in black and white or in sepia tones. In the modern world, the new generation would not want their photos to go back to the 50s as well. Some wedding photographers take shots only to edit them with the vintage style effect. They can look nice in moderation but adding scratches, fades and hyper-real colors to supposedly clear, high-quality and colored photos is just absurd.

The 8 Most Annoying Trends In Wedding Photography

4) Spot Colors

The spot color is an overused effect that draws attention towards selected parts of a photo. The problem is that this may leads the viewer in the wrong direction and hence, the wrong interpretation. Playing around this can be fun in goofy events, but expert photographers would never recommend having spot photography in serious ones like a wedding.

5) Excessive Vignette

If the wedding photographer does not use a good lens, oftentimes they just use the vignette effect to cover up that portion or the border of the photo that’s not as sharp as the subject. A few shots is okay, but it becomes annoying when every single photo in a gallery has blackened edges in the frame. Photographers must know how to control and apply it, or else the outcome might look dodgy in a page of thumbnails.

6) No Heads

Wedding photographers want to emphasize the clothes of the married couple or the guests. The result are photos with too many body shots with cropped heads. When overused, an album with more than five photos with the same upshot will look rather upsetting Wedding photos are supposed to be focus on the emotions on the faces of people.

7) Cheesy Poses

In addition to jump shots, the scene when bridesmaids are waiting for the bride to throw her wedding bouquet is one cheesy pose that has become a cliché. This feels somewhat tasteless and will look bad especially when the bride’s face ends up g covered with flowers on the resulting photo. Another example is the look-at-each-other pose for the bride and groom. The wedding photographer must be creative enough to direct them to pose uniquely.

8) Over Saturation

Saturated photos are those with brighter colors, thus looking livelier than in real life. This effect is good for making scrapbooks and photo journals but not really advisable to be used too much in wedding photos. Having natural colors is still best for photos to look decent.

Valued for generations to come, wedding photos must stand the test of time. If you’re getting married soon, you can warn your professional wedding photographers not to follow these annoying trends. These memories are to be treasured for a lifetime so it’s wise to choose the best wedding photography package.